Benefits of Face Massage

Face massage is a beauty ritual that can help with sustaining the beauty and health of the skin, but also to slow down the aging process. Massage is considered to be among the oldest methods used for healing and therapeutic purposes. Among many other benefits for the skin, the face massage can help with alleviating stress, decongesting the sinuses, preventing headaches and migraines. Regular sessions using a facial massager are recommended to improve the skin firmness and glow, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles and also for skin hydration and tension release.

The face massage tools are important aids that can make all the difference when it comes to getting the best results possible. The face roller can be used by a beauty specialist, but you can benefit from the face massage at home too. The skin needs daily care, and the face massage can improve skin elasticity considerably, so you can use a facial massager to revitalize and tone the skin. When choosing the best massage tools, make sure that they are gentle with the skin and easy to use. Since you can (and should) use it daily, the face roller should also be easy to store and clean.

Best Facial Massagers

1. Anti Aging Face Massager by VIJUVE

Anti Aging Face Massager VIJUVE

Is your skin looking dull and tired, even if you have a good beauty routine that you follow daily? There are multiple causes behind the dull appearance of the skin; however, there is one solution that might deliver better results that you thought possible. We’re talking about the Anti-aging face massager by VIJUVE, one of the best massage tools. What it does is to improve blood circulation at the level of the face and hence helping you delay the first signs of aging. More than this, after using this face roller, the skincare products are better absorbed by the skin. In other words, the face massage tools can contribute to making the skincare product more efficient.

The facial massager from VIJUVE is among the best face massage tools if you want to erase a few years of your face. It can be used on the face for a better contour, to reduce the puffiness in the eye area and also on your neck and cleavage for a tighter, firmer skin. With 9.000 vibrations per minute stimulate the collagen production and rejuvenates the skin for a radiant, youthful-looking complexion.

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You should know that this is among the FDA Registered face massage tools, so it is safe to use and features a breakthrough technology. Elegant and portable, the facial massager works on a single AAA battery for no less than two to three weeks. It turns on and off by sensing the skin’s touch.

  • FDA Registered
  • Works for 2-3 weeks on one AAA battery
  • Sleek design
  • No charging features
  • It is not waterproof

2. Super Saver Kansa Wands pack

Super Saver Kansa Wands pack

The Kansa massage tools have been used since ancient times for stress relief purposes, but also for the mind and body rejuvenation. Nowadays, it is easy to use the Kansa wands to make your skin look youthful and healthy. The Super Saver Kansa Wands pack gives you plenty of options when it comes to your face and body massage.

Now you can enjoy all the benefits of a therapeutic face massager or face roller in the comfort of your home with the Kansa Wands. A youthful complexion is within reach more than ever before. Testimonials show that the Kansa Wands pack was used to redraw the jawline and improve the contour of the face and also to rejuvenate the delicate skin.

With the Super Saver Kansa Wands pack, the skin becomes tighter, firmer, the contours are better defined, and you are feeling refreshed and stress-free. Enjoy an amazing massage experience without having to use any electronic devices, chemicals, or harsh ingredients.

Benefit from the healing properties of the Kansa wands and introduce this massage technique to your daily beauty routine. The pack includes a small personal Kansa wand for the face, a medium Kansa wand that can be used on the body and face, and the Kansa foot wand (large size).

  • Deeply relaxing massage
  • Healing properties
  • The cost

3. The Body Shop Facial Massager

The Body Shop Facial Massager

The Body Shop’s facial massager is handy, palm-size equipment that feels like bliss on the skin. It will leave a warm de-puffing effect on your skin and encourage hydration. The smooth nodules will gently hug your cheekbones and jawline. You can easily roll the tool up and down your face to get an effective and relaxing massage. Thanks to the modular design, you can perform a deep massage of your facial skin without exhausting or damaging the skin cells.

Massaging your skin with this tool will improve blood circulation to your skin tissues, giving you a natural facial flow. The bamboo wood handle allows you a firm grip, so you can get a comfortable and soothing massage.

Use it in the evening or morning to relax your weary facial muscles and skin. It effectively removes unwanted tension and reduces puffiness. Before using this massager, be sure to apply your regular cream or serum to your face because it helps the massager move along the curves of your face.

  • Nodular design
  • In-depth massage
  • Reduces puffiness
  • Lightweight

4. Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager

If you are experiencing targeted muscular discomforts, the Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager is what you need. This versatile massager effectively relieves muscular pain, encouraging speedy healing and recovery so you can resume your active lifestyle. This heavy-duty tool helps remove pain signals by enhancing blood flow and blocking neurotransmitters. The massage you get with this tool is fast, comfortable, and gentle.

Once you start massaging with the Wahl Deep Tissue Percussion Massager, you would experience a quick reduction in inflammation and a rise in oxytocin levels. This will let your muscles relax, besides eliminating the feeling of exhaustion and muscular discomforts. You have the option to select a light or deep penetrating massage.

It can effectively provide targeted pain relief, thanks to its four different attachment heads (acupoint, flat disc, four-finger, and deep muscle heads). If persistent muscular pain is affecting your mobility and daily routine, give this massager a shot.

  • Relieves muscular pain
  • Variable intensity & 4 attachment heads
  • Multi-purpose
  • User-friendly
  • Works on electricity
  • Some didn’t like the vibrations

5. SOLO Mio – Sonic Facial Brush Face Massager

SOLO Mio - Sonic Facial Brush

SOLO Mio is an elegant and modest facial cleanser and one of the massage tools that can renew your skin, making it look fresh and radiant. Use it for just two weeks, and you’ll see fantastic outcomes. To get optimum improvements, use this device for two minutes every day.

It goes deep into the skin to eliminate residues, dead skin cells, and impurities. As a result, your skin complexion will improve drastically. The massager enhances blood flood to your skin cells and tissues. Doing so, will reduce fine lines, dark spots, wrinkles, and other signs of aging.

This tool is the ultimate solution for beautiful and healthy skin. The good news is that it also effectively removes acne and prevents acne recurrence. Of all the massage tools, this massager has thousands of silicone micro-fingers that apply gentle pressure to the skin.

This portable equipment will not only relax your skin, but also, cleanse it at the same time. The pulses have high frequency, which means makeup residue and oils will be easily removed. It also triggers collagen production that is responsible for regulating your skin elasticity.

  • Instant difference in skin texture
  • Restores youthful glow
  • It has thousands of silicone micro-fingers
  • Waterproof and travel size
  • Works on rechargeable battery
  • Applies gentle pulsation to the skin
  • Pricey

6. PIXNOR Waterproof Facial Cleansing Brush and Massager


If you are looking for a portable, reliable, and high-quality cleansing brush plus massager, the PIXNOR P2017 is an excellent tool for you. It is a holistic, water-resistant facial care system that comes with a complete array of cleansing brushes, scrubbers, exfoliators, and massaging head. The system works by removing dirt, impurities, and dead and damaged skin cells from deep within the skin. The sponges can be used to remove skin oils and makeup smoothly.

For deep cleaning and exfoliation, use whichever of the short or long bristles you feel comfortable with. The system comes with a pumice pad to make calluses removal gentle and easy from elbows and feet. Using the facial massager head is so relaxing and flexible on the skin.

It will give you a warm sensation and improve blood flow to the muscles and tissues. As a result, your skin will look fresh and beautiful. This tool is perfect for all skin types, including sensitive, dry and oily. However, if you have sensitive skin, be sure to set the device at low speed.

  • All-in-one facial care system
  • 7 brush heads
  • 2 speeds for gentle and deep cleansing
  • Waterproof
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • For sensitive skin, only slow speed is recommended
  • Works on batteries

7. Beauty Bar 24k Golden Pulse Facial Massager Face Roller

Beauty Bar 24k Golden Pulse Facial Massager

This facial beauty and massage system is perfect for you if you are looking for a reliable face roller tool to tighten and rejuvenate your loose and dull facial skin. Use it with the anti-aging and hydration products to effectively lift the face, providing hydration, and reducing signs of aging like wrinkles and fine lines. When used with the right products, the face roller works like magic to renew and refresh the skin.

The micro-vibration face roller provides soothing, relaxing, and useful massage therapy. It will not only relax your skin, but also, improve blood circulation that can help improve your skin health and complexion. It hydrates the skin and enhances skin elasticity through the vibration effects.

The vibration is smooth and gentle, thanks to the high-quality T-shaped heads. Hold the face roller to your face, and it will adapt to your natural skin contour. Since this tool is water-resistant, you can use it in the bathroom.

  • Face lifting effect
  • T-shaped bar
  • Revitalizes skin
  • Helps with sinus congestion
  • Small size, lightweight & waterproof
  • Needs 1 x AA battery, not included

Frequently Asked Questions

What does massaging your face do?

Massaging your face helps to oxigenate your skin, which in fact is a natural form of anti aging for your skin.

Is it good to massage your face everyday?

Massaging your face is like a workout, so it’s best to massage it 3-4 times per week.

Can face massage reduce wrinkles?

The massage helps to stimulate the circulation of blood in the skin and helps in cell growth. It does help in the prevention of wrinkles and lines in your face, while at the same time it tightens it and makes it elastic again.

Best Face Massage Gadgets
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