Is American Crew Cruelty-Free and Vegan?

If you’re anything like me, chances are, you’ve tried American Crew products and quite frankly, fell in love with them. But amidst the lather and rinse routine comes a nagging question – are these much-loved products cruelty-free? In this day and age where we strive for ethical consumerism as much as possible, I found myself needing to know more about this topic.

So after doing a deep dive into this subject matter, it appears that American Crew’s status on animal testing is somewhat ambiguous even now in 2022. In today’s blog post, we’ll unravel the confusion surrounding their policy on animal testing along with their affiliation with parent company Revlon.

Plus – bonus! We will highlight some truly cruelty-free alternatives for your haircare needs.

Are you ready to take a journey of discovery underneath those suds? Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • American Crew is not certified as a cruelty – free brand and its animal testing policy is unclear as of 2022.
  • Revlon, the parent company of American Crew, is also not considered cruelty – free and may conduct animal testing.
  • To determine if a brand is cruelty – free, look for labels on products, check the brand’s website for statements about animal testing, consider who owns the brand and if they sell in countries that require animal testing.
  • There are alternative cruelty – free haircare brands available such as SheaMoisture, Pacifica, Acure Organics, Giovanni, Paul Mitchell. Aubrey Organics, Alba Botanica,Hair Dance , Desert Essence,and Nature’s Gate.

Understanding American Crew and their Cruelty-Free Status

American Crew’s cruelty-free status can be determined by exploring if they are certified by any organizations and whether or not they conduct animal testing.

Is American Crew certified by any organizations?

American Crew does not have a cruelty-free certification. This means they are not on the list of brands that promise to not harm animals. It is vital for firms to show this mark. It tells us they respect animal welfare.

We also need to know if their suppliers or any third party they work with do tests on animals too. Right now, as of 2022, we can’t say for sure that American Crew meets these standards.


Does American Crew test on animals?

American Crew might do tests on animals. We don’t know for sure in 2022. The company has not said it is cruelty-free. This means they may test their grooming products on animals. They are also not certified as a cruelty-free brand by any group.

So, we can’t say that American Crew does not harm animals in making their goods. Keep an eye out for changes to the company’s animal testing policy. You might see updates about this topic soon.

The Connection between American Crew and Revlon

Revlon, the parent company of American Crew, has its own stance on animal testing and it is important to understand their connection in order to evaluate American Crew’s cruelty-free status.

Does Revlon test on animals?

Revlon is not considered a cruelty-free brand. They have not taken steps to become certified as cruelty-free by any recognized organization. This means that there is a possibility that Revlon may test their products or ingredients on animals.

It’s important for consumers who are concerned about animal testing to be aware of this and make informed choices when purchasing beauty products.

What is Revlon’s stance on animal testing?

Revlon’s stance on animal testing is not cruelty-free. As of 2022, they have not obtained certification as a cruelty-free brand. This means that Revlon may conduct animal testing on their products or ingredients.

Animal testing in the beauty industry remains a controversial topic, and many consumers are actively seeking out brands that do not test on animals. It’s important to consider these factors when making purchasing decisions and supporting ethical beauty brands.

Alternatives to American Crew for Cruelty-Free Haircare

Here are the top 10 cruelty-free haircare brands that you can consider as alternatives to American Crew:

Top 10 cruelty-free haircare brands

I have compiled a list of the top 10 cruelty-free haircare brands for you to explore:

  1. SheaMoisture: This brand offers a wide range of natural and cruelty-free hair products for different hair types and concerns.
  2. Pacifica: Pacifica specializes in vegan and cruelty-free haircare products, using sustainable ingredients like coconut, pineapple, and kale.
  3. Acure Organics: Acure Organics focuses on creating clean and ethical hair products that are free from animal testing and harmful chemicals.
  4. Giovanni: Giovanni is known for its eco-chic haircare line, which is cruelty-free, vegan-friendly, and made with natural ingredients.
  5. Paul Mitchell: Paul Mitchell is committed to producing cruelty-free salon-quality products that are loved by professionals and consumers alike.
  6. Aubrey Organics: Aubrey Organics offers organic and cruelty-free hair care solutions for all hair types, including shampoos, conditioners, and styling products.
  7. Alba Botanica: Alba Botanica creates plant-based hair care products that are not only cruelty-free but also free from parabens, phthalates, sulfates, and artificial colors.
  8. Hair Dance: Hair Dance provides cruelty-free haircare options with their range of sulfate-free shampoos and conditioners that nourish your locks without harming animals.
  9. Desert Essence: Desert Essence offers a variety of vegan and cruelty-free haircare products infused with botanical extracts to improve the health of your hair.
  10. Nature’s Gate: Nature’s Gate is committed to using natural ingredients in their vegan and cruelty-free formulas to help you achieve healthy-looking hair without compromising your values.


1. Is American Crew a cruelty-free brand?

No, American Crew is not a cruelty-free brand as they conduct animal testing on their products.

2. What is animal testing?

Animal testing refers to the practice of using animals in experiments or tests to determine the safety and effectiveness of certain products or ingredients.

3. Are there alternatives to American Crew that are cruelty-free?

Yes, there are many other brands available that do not test their products on animals. Some examples include Lush, The Body Shop, and Paul Mitchell.

4. How can I find out if a brand is cruelty-free?

You can look for certifications such as the Leaping Bunny logo or PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program. Additionally, you can check a brand’s website or reach out to them directly to inquire about their cruelty-free status.

5. Why should I choose cruelty-free products?

Choosing cruelty-free products helps promote ethical treatment of animals and supports brands that prioritize humane practices in product development.

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