How to Increase Testosterone Level Naturally in 10 Proven Steps

Do you want to learn how having a higher or lower level of testosterone can affect your life?

Think about this for a moment: the level of testosterone in the body can influence the way you behave and can contribute to your general health condition and well-being.

It is the reason why we thought it’s a great idea to have a look at what testosterone is. Also, find out the way we can naturally increase the level of testosterone in the body to reap more benefits.

Are you ready to find out ten proven methods to raise testosterone levels? Here we go!

The level of testosterone in the body can influence different levels of life, including, but not limited to sex life, health, and even personality traits. For example, competitiveness is said to be a consequence of high levels of testosterone.

But the scale of this hormone is not constant in the body throughout our life. After 30 years old, we notice a decrease in the levels of testosterone in the body. This is even more accentuated after we reach 40 years old.

Natural testosterone supplements can help you feel better. Now let’s have a look at how we can naturally increase testosterone levels.

What is Testosterone?


Testosterone is the primary male hormone, and it has two main functions in the body – androgenic and anabolic. The androgenic purpose is about the development of gender characteristics. By this, we mean increased levels of hair on the body, sebum production, the development of the bone structure. Also, it is about the deep male voice, fat accumulation predisposition, and even aggressivity.

The anabolic function is about the stimulation of protein synthesis, among which we should mention the proteins for the muscles. A low level of testosterone in the body can lead to diverse issues. Among them, we can mention muscle atrophy and the demineralization of the bones. Also, it is about fat deposits accumulation following a feminine pattern, low concentration, insomnia, low libido & sexual drive, and even depression.

For people interested in increasing muscle mass and strength, it is essential to keep a proper level of testosterone.

Nowadays, certain supplements can be used as an alternative, but most of them come with side effects, among which we can mention reduced fertility, for example. Fortunately, there are ways to increase the level of testosterone naturally.

Natural methods to increase the level of testosterone

Natural methods to increase the level of testosterone

Your lifestyle choices are crucial when it comes to naturally growing the level of testosterone. Obesity is among the worst enemies of testosterone. With the weight gain comes an increased level of estrogen (the female hormone) and a decreased level of testosterone.

If you are dealing with weight issues and you have decided to lose weight to improve the testosterone levels, make sure to choose a diet or an exercise plan that will allow you to lose weight gradually and not suddenly. Extreme diets can lead to an even more accentuated decrease in the production of testosterone.

Step #1: Working Out

Have you ever found yourself wondering what’s the point of waking up in the morning and getting on your jogging shoes? Well, there are multiple benefits associated with working out, there is no doubt about it. Usually, we are talking about being fit, healthy and getting more endorphins.

Working out is not only great for keeping in shape but will also increase the level of testosterone in the body. Make sure to get a full-body workout, preferably early in the morning and out in the sun. This way, you ensure an increased production of testosterone that will benefit your body. This should be a good enough motivation to get you out of bed early in the morning!

Step #2: Reach the Highest Level of Testosterone in the Morning

Increasing the level of testosterone in the body by having lots of sex is a myth that was busted a long time ago by studies in the field. What happens is that the levels of testosterone increase before intercourse, but dramatically decrease after sex. Researches are showing that the highest level of testosterone in the body is in the morning and sexual activity at this time can contribute to increased production of testosterone.

Step #3: Get out and About

Be honest, you never imagined that just going out of the house can contribute to sustaining good testosterone levels! However, studies show that regular sun exposure can also help with the levels of testosterone in the body as vitamin D contributes to the increase in the concentration of testosterone. Spending some time outside every day can be beneficial for you so don’t think twice about that walk in the park.

Step #4: Get Enough Sleep

Isn’t it just great when sleep is what the doctor recommends? Well, it is also true in this case! A good night’s sleep can be your best ally when it comes to more testosterone. Sleep deprivation can interfere with the biological rhythm and lead to a drastic decrease in the value of this hormone in the body.

Step #5: Eat Proteins, Carbs, and Fats

You’ve heard the advice a million times before, it’s nothing new, I know. However, this doesn’t make it less important. We always say “have a balanced diet” but what does it mean?

Well, it means that you should eat proteins, carbs, and fats. There are different diet trends nowadays. One is pro increasing the fats intake while drastically minimizing carbs.

Another one favors proteins over all others. And, of course, there are others swearing on the beneficial effects of certain carbs. What do we learn from here? That we should eat foods from all categories. A balanced diet contains approximately 15-20% proteins, 25-35% fats and the rest are carbs.

Completely eliminating carbs is not possible, not to mention indicated. To ensure your levels of testosterone are high, make sure you eat high-quality food, from clean sources and cover all categories. An unbalanced diet can potentially harm the testosterone levels in the body, not to mention that it can trigger other side effects and even ulterior weight gain.

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Step #6: Keep Your Weight Under Control

Being overweight or obese can trigger certain health conditions, some of them rather severe. Chronic conditions, as well as heart conditions and even diabetes, can be triggered by excessive weight. Also, weighing too much can also lead to a considerable decrease in your testosterone levels.

Studies reveal that the decrease in the testosterone level is more noticeable in men after a certain age (not in their youth).

The mathematics behind it is easy: the more weight you gain, the lower the testosterone levels will be. Even if the production of testosterone is not affected as much in young adults, it can become a real problem with aging. The best thing you can do to raise testosterone naturally is to keep your weight under control.

There are plenty of apps and sites that can help you determine what is your ideal weight taking into consideration your age, height, and type of lifestyle. It is easy nowadays to determine exactly how much you need to eat to keep a healthy weight.

And the diet is the determining factor when it comes to weight control. Even for people who exercise regularly, keeping a balanced diet is the most important thing you can do to keep a constant, normal weight. Overeating can’t be balanced out by exercising, so keep an eye on your weight to sustain proper levels of testosterone.

Step #7: Don’t Drink Too Much Alcohol

While a glass of red wine every now and then with dinner is a tasty treat, drinking too much alcohol can be detrimental to your health. Keep in mind that drinking too much alcohol can significantly impact the levels of testosterone. Also, this can lead to a dramatic decrease in the production of this hormone.

Step #8: Avoid Plastic Containers

Let me take a while guess: you always thought that it matters only what’s on your plate (yes, I mean your diet), and not what your plate is made of. Well, the studies show that BPA (Bisphenol-A) can affect the testosterone level by lowering it.

This means that from now on you might want to keep your leftovers in a plastic container instead of a plastic one. BPA is mostly found in plastics and certain food packaging. So, if you want to keep the testosterone level up, choose glass instead of plastic every time you can.

Step #9: Beware the Effects of Smoking on the Testosterone Levels

We all know that smoking is bad for us and there are plenty of studies to support this. However, when it comes to the effect of smoking on the testosterone levels, the results of the tests are intriguing. Initially, smoking triggers a considerable rise in the levels of testosterone (both for men and women).

However, as time goes by, it has quite the opposite effect lowering the levels of testosterone. So, in the long run, it is better to avoid smoking, despite the short time effects it has on the testosterone level.

Step #10: Use Natural Testosterone Supplements

testostorone supplements

As mentioned before, the diet can be a determining factor when it comes to the level of testosterone in the body. Studies show that a diet rich in saturated fats can be beneficial. At the same time, a diet rich in proteins can lead to a decrease in the level of this hormone.

More than this, it is also the source of the nutrients that can make a difference. For example, proteins coming from animals are great natural testosterone supplements. This is compared to proteins of a vegetal origin (soya, for example).

What all experts agree upon is the fact that increased quantities of carbs with a high glycemic index have a negative impact on the production of testosterone.

This means that if you need natural testosterone supplements, you should try different types of nuts, for example. Other sources for natural testosterone can be celery, mushrooms, flax seeds, oat flakes, Brussels sprout and broccoli, rocket salad, garlic and forest fruits, but also olive oil.

Final Words

When you think about it, there is a certain level of synergy between all the methods we discussed today. Each and every one of them can help you keep the testosterone level high or increase it if it is lower than normal.

However, one method is somehow dependent on the others. For example, you need a good night’s sleep to be able to exercise every day, otherwise, you might be just too stressed out or tired. Being overly stressed can cause overeating or making not healthy choices when it comes to your regimen.

An unbalanced diet can lead to weight gain which needs to be avoided if you want your testosterone levels to be up. The best thing you can do to increase the testosterone level naturally is to follow experts’ suggestions and develop a routine. What are your preferred methods of raising testosterone naturally?


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