Is Oribe’s Cruelty-Free and Vegan Status In 2023?

Navigating the beauty industry as a thoughtful consumer can sometimes feel akin to traversing a maze, especially when it comes to unraveling whether our beloved brands like Oribe are truly cruelty-free.

I’ve had my own moments of confusion and curiosity on this topic, which led me to dive deeper into the subject matter. After some substantial research, I’ve collated meaningful insights that promise to dispel any lingering uncertainty you may have.

This blog space today is dedicated to unveiling the truth surrounding Oribe’s cruelty-free status in 2023, laying bare their policies on animal testing and delving into vegan-friendly options they offer.

Come along for an enlightening journey as we together peel back layers of ethical beauty branding nuances!

Key Takeaways

  • Oribe is a beauty brand that does not test on animals. It’s called “cruelty-free”.
  • The website named Cruelty-Free Kitty says Oribe is cruelty-free, and PETA also agrees.
  • Not all of Oribe’s products are vegan, meaning they might have stuff from animals in them.
  • Even if some items are not vegan, none come from hurting any pets.

Understanding Cruelty-Free and Vegan Beauty Brands

In the realm of beauty, cruelty-free brands are those that do not test their products or ingredients on animals. Vegan brands take this a step further – not only is there no animal testing involved, but these products also omit any ingredients derived from animals.

It’s crucial to support ethical companies like these as they prioritize kindness towards our animal friends and strive for sustainable practices in an often wasteful industry.

Definition of Cruelty-Free and Vegan

Cruelty-free and vegan are terms in the beauty world. Cruelty-free means a brand does not test on animals. Vegan means there are no animal products in them. Animal products can be parts of an animal or things made by them like beeswax from bees or lanolin from sheep wool.

Oribe has items that don’t hurt animals because they are cruelty-free. Some Oribe items do have stuff from animals so they aren’t all vegan.

Importance of Supporting Ethical Brands

Good brands value animals’ lives. These ethical skincare brands make an effort to be kind to all living beings. They choose not to test on animals. They say no to animal-friendly cosmetics that put innocent lives at risk for the sake of beauty.

Such cruelty-free cosmetics show us how much a company cares about our furry friends. We can help these kinds of companies grow by buying their products. In doing so, we send a strong message: we do not like animal testing in the beauty industry! Money talks, and if it goes towards more compassionate, sustainable beauty practices, others will heed the call too!

The Truth About Oribe’s Cruelty-Free Status

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I know many of you have been asking, “Is Oribe cruelty-free in 2023?” Let’s dive into the facts. According to Cruelty-Free Kitty, one of the most reliable sources for confirming a brand’s ethical stance, Oribe has been confirmed as a cruelty-free brand.

It means they do not test any of their products or ingredients on animals and equally important is that they prohibit others from doing so on their behalf.

Confirmation From Cruelty-Free Kitty Website

Cruelty-Free Kitty says Oribe is kind to animals. They don’t hurt animals to test their products. This website shares truthful and clear facts about beauty brands. It helps me choose the right thing to use on my skin and hair.

I trust it a lot! Oribe passed its check on this site, so you can feel happy using its products.

Oribe’s testing policies

Oribe cares about animals. They don’t test their beauty items on them. This is what cruelty-free means. PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies list confirms this fact about Oribe. Also, they make sure no one else tries their goods on animals for them! So, it’s safe and good to use Oribe stuff if you love pets like I do.

Is Oribe Sold in Mainland China?

“In evaluating Oribe’s cruelty-free status, we must examine whether their products are sold in mainland China due to the country’s regulations around animal testing.”

Explanation of China’s animal testing laws

China has laws about animal testing. Beauty brands have to test on animals before they sell in China. This is law, and it’s the reason some brands can’t be cruelty-free. Oribe might face this issue if they choose to sell there.

The good news is that changes are happening! China may soon let more types of beauty products skip being tested on animals. But for now, selling makeup in China means not being 100% cruelty-free.

These rules make a big difference for Oribe’s status as a cruelty-free brand. If Oribe sells their stuff in mainland China, it must pass tests done on animals first. This goes against being kind to animals or “cruelty-free”.

So even if Oribe does not test its own items on animals, Chinese laws may force them to do so if they want to sell there.

How this affects Oribe’s cruelty-free status

Oribe sells their products in China where the laws demand animal testing. This does not change Oribe’s cruelty-free status because they made sure of it. They worked on a smart way around these laws.

They sell online straight to buyers, which lets them skip this rule for now. But rules can change and no one knows what can happen next. So today, yes, Oribe stays true to being a cruelty-free brand even when selling in China.

Vegan Options at Oribe

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Oribe offers a variety of vegan-friendly products, formulated without any animal-derived ingredients. However, it’s crucial to note that they are not a 100% vegan brand. Some of their offerings still contain non-vegan components – those products will be specifically identified later in this article.

List of vegan-friendly products

Oribe offers a selection of vegan-friendly items. These are their products that do not use any ingredients from animals. I found out about them by looking at PETA’s Beauty without Bunnies list.

  1. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray: This best-selling product is both vegan and gluten-free.
  2. Gold Lust Repair and Restore Shampoo: A sulfate-free option for your hair.
  3. Gold Lust Repair and Restore Conditioner: Keeps your hair soft without hurting animals.
  4. Run Through Detangling Primer: Get all the knots out of your hair with this vegan item.
  5. Serene Scalp Anti-Dandruff Shampoo: Say goodbye to flakes, the cruelty-free way.
  6. Côte d’Azur Body Wash: Vegan-friendly body wash with a lovely scent.

Explanation of non-vegan products

Oribe makes both vegan and non-vegan products. Vegan ones have no animal parts in them. But some of Oribe’s products are not 100% vegan. These items may have things from animals in them.

One of these is “keratin”. Keratin can come from the feathers, horns, or hair of different animals.

Let me tell you something else important about non-vegan products at Oribe. Even though they might have stuff from animals in them, none of it comes from hurting the pets.

They do not test any goods on dogs or other animals either! So yes, even if a product is non-vegan, it still counts as cruelty-free!

Encouraging support for cruelty-free and vegan brands

Buying cruelty-free and vegan brands is a great choice. These brands make sure animals are safe. They also help our planet. Oribe is one of these good brands. Many of their items do not harm animals or use animal parts.

An example is the Dry Texturizing Spray by Oribe. It has only vegan stuff in it and does not hurt any animals during making or testing. If we buy more from such good brands, other companies may start doing the same thing too!


1. What does “cruelty-free” mean in beauty products?

“Cruelty-free” means that the product and its ingredients were not tested on animals at any stage of production.

2. Is Oribe a cruelty-free brand?

As of 2023, Oribe claims to be a cruelty-free brand, meaning they do not test their products on animals.

3. Does Oribe sell their products in places where animal testing is required by law?

No, as a cruelty-free brand, Oribe does not sell their products in countries where animal testing is a legal requirement.

4. Are all Oribe’s suppliers also cruelty-free?

Oribe demands that all its suppliers do not engage in animal testing so they can maintain their status as a cruelty-free brand.

5. Do I have to give up using my favorite Oribe product if I want to only use cruelty-free items?

No need to stop using your favorite item from Oribe because they are committed to being completely against cruel practices towards animals.

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