Ranking The Best Organic & Natural Cellulite Creams Out There

How To Get Rid of Cellulite

So, you’re struggling with the age-old issue that is still to this day bothering at least 90% of women across the globe. You’ve tried to burn off excess body fat while still avoiding dangerous weight loss, or cellulite removal strategies but it’s still there.

Bottom line – Nothing can substitute for eating a healthy diet and getting enough exercise as well as dry brushing yourself. Cellulite is annoying, but also a nearly unavoidable part of life. Luckily we’ve compiled a list of natural and organic best cellulite creams, scrubs, gels and oils to help you in your quest.

Best Cellulite Creams

1. First Botany Arabica Coffee Scrub

Fight your cellulite with the best cellulite treatment that combines 100% natural Organic Coffee, Coconut and Shea Butter, the Arabica Coffee Scrub by First Botany. Works better than a cream, but best in combination with cream. Not only does this powerful scrubber fight cellulite, but because of its antioxidants, it helps fight the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, age spots, sun spots, stretch marks, and varicose veins. Furthermore, you can get rid of your puffy eyes as well as lighten your dark circles, if you apply it regularly under and around the eyes.

Moreover, this multi-purpose scrub helps fight acne and acne scars and leaves your skin smooth and moisturized, unlike other acne treatments that may leave your skin tight and dry. Improve your blood flow and get rid of your dead skin cells by exfoliating your skin with this powerful scrub regularly. Get back your radiant glow today!

2. Majestic Pure Hot Cream Cellulite & Muscle

Get ready for that hot bikini body you always wanted with the best cellulite removal cream, the Hot Cream by Majestic Pure. Made with 87% organic ingredients, you can now reduce the appearance of cellulite naturally. The powerful ingredients such as juniper, grapefruit, and rosemary work effectively to tighten the skin and make you look great in those denim shorts! What makes this cream even hotter is that it also works wonders as a muscle pain relief cream.

Infused with peppermint, pine, chamomile, and eucalyptus oils, this miracle cream soothes tired muscles and reduces pain and inflammation after a long day at work. This blend of powerful, aromatic oils gives warming sensation and makes this cellulite removal cream perfect for daily massages after a long and busy day. If you are wondering how to get rid of cellulite for good, then this is one of the best ways!

thumbs up regular


  • Relaxing massage cream
  • Natural and organic ingredients
  • Not tested on animals
thumbs down regular


  • May cause burning sensation

3. Hot Vita Hot Gel Thermoactive

Hot Vita Hot Gel Thermoactive is your new all-in-one-formula. Get ready to work up a sweat with this hot blend of Coconut oil, Jojoba Seed Oil, Coffee Arabica Seed Extract, Olive Oil, and Green Tea Leaf Extract. If you want to really feel the burn, massage this cellulite removal cream in circular motions on stubborn areas and let it do its wonders. Apply before workouts for the best results. Not only does the Hot Vita Hot Gel Thermoactive firms and tones the skin, but it also boosts calorie burn when applied pre-workout. This ultimate workout booster is your first step to a healthier lifestyle along with a healthy diet.

Moreover, this all-in-one-formula is vegan, paraben-free, not tested on animals, and it’s made with non-GMO ingredients. For optimum results, combine the gel with the Hot Vita Copper Sweat Belt. If you want to know how to get rid of cellulite, then Hot Vita Hot Gel Thermoactive is a must-try!

4. Pure Body Naturals Hot Cream

The Hot Cream by Pure Body Naturals is your daily anti-cellulite skin toning and slimming gel. If you want to know how to get rid of cellulite, this is another hotness in the world of hots! The Hot Cream. This natural formula is the best cellulite cream that combines peppermint and pine essential oil to reduce stress and inflamed muscles. Therefore, it becomes an effective massage cream for deep muscle relaxation.

Moreover, it helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks, making it a top product among fresh moms. Apply evenly in circular motions on thighs, belly, or other trouble areas daily and get a smoother, toned, and much firmer skin. Make it your daily routine, let the best cellulite removal cream work its wonder, and get ready for compliments when you hit the beach!

thumbs up regular


  • Increases sweat
  • Relieves muscle pain
thumbs down regular


  • Mild minty smell

5. Weleda Cellulite Body Oil

With a regular massage, the 100% natural and non-toxic Weleda Cellulite Body Oil will help you fight stubborn cellulite. Infused with birch oil, this cellulite removal treatment is your answer to how to get rid of cellulite naturally and fast. As a result, your skin feels softer, smoother, and firmer. It’s better to massage twice daily for the first four weeks for optimum results.

Works best if applied on damp skin and with moderate pressure. Moreover, it is dermatologically tested, fragrance-free, and free from synthetic preservatives, colorants, mineral oils and GMOs. After seeing its results, the Weleda Cellulite Body Oil will become the best cellulite treatment you have ever tried and definitely your best friend!

6. Venu Anticellulite Massage Oil

Get a more radiant and healthy-looking glow with this 100% natural Anti Cellulite Massage Oil by Venu. Its lightweight formula makes this superhero of oils more absorbent than cellulite removal creams. Therefore, it penetrates deeper into the skin to break up fat in all trouble zones. As a result, you get firmer, smoother and more toned skin. If you are wondering how to get rid of cellulite for good, this is one of the best ways!

Infused with grapefruit oil, lemon oil, grapeseed, and eucalyptus oil, you can enjoy the calming and refreshing effects of one of the best cellulite treatments on the market, once you massage it on your skin. Not only can you use the Anti Cellulite Massage Oil by Venu to fight stubborn cellulite, but it can be used for relaxing massages, as part of aromatherapy as well as to treat varicose veins. How is that for a multi-purpose oil?

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  • Multi-purpose oil
  • All-natural formula
  • Refreshing scent
thumbs down regular


  • Not as absorbing as other oils

Frequently Asked Questions

How often should you massage cellulite?

Start with two sessions per week for up to six weeks, then you can see the initial results and think of changing the plan.

How to you apply the hot cream?

You can always use your hands, without the need of any special gloves or tools, just make sure you wash them afterwards.

What else can i do to reduce cellulite?

The best way is to watch your diet and do a lot of cardio. Walking helps a lot but swimming is the best option.

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