Is Perricone MD Cruelty-Free and Vegan?

Are you ever kept awake at night by concerns about the ethical practices of your go-to skincare brands? You’re certainly not alone. It’s so easy to get caught up in promises of youthful radiance and forget to check for things like cruelty-free or vegan labels.

That’s where this blog steps into the picture, filling you in on all there is to know about Perricone MD – a beloved luxury skincare line. If you’re someone who values animal welfare as much as that coveted skin glow, please do stick around!

Key Takeaways

  • Perricone MD is a cruelty-free brand. They do not test their products or parts on animals.
  • Not all Perricone MD items are vegan, some have things from animals in them.
  • The brand sells in China through the web only to avoid animal tests.
  • Some of their goods have fish bits, eggshell layers, and stuff from sea bug shells. These are not liked by vegans.

Is Perricone MD Cruelty-Free?

Perricone MD proudly holds a cruelty-free status, having explicitly confirmed with Cruelty-Free Kitty (CFK) that the company does not test its finished products or ingredients on animals.

Confirming Cruelty-Free Status With CFK

Perricone MD is a cruelty-free brand. Cruelty-Free Kitty, or CFK for short, put this brand on their list. This means it does not test on animals. This also tells us that they do not use any ingredients tested on animals either.

So if you want to shop humanely and help our animal friends, Perricone MD is a great choice for you! They care about the safety and welfare of animals just like we do!

No Testing on Finished Products or Ingredients

Perricone MD is strict about animal welfare. The brand does not test its end products or any parts used to make them on animals. This shows their deep commitment to keeping all living beings safe from harm.

Every piece that goes into making a Perricone MD product stays free of animal testing. From the first stage up to when it gets its final touch, no cruelty is involved. It’s good for buyers who love both beauty and nature!

Is Perricone MD Vegan?

While Perricone MD does offer some vegan options, the brand is not fully vegan as certain products do contain animal-derived ingredients.

Some Products Contain Animal-Derived Ingredients

Not all Perricone MD goods are okay for vegans. Why? Some items have stuff from animals in them. So, while the brand does not hurt animals, it uses a few things that come from them.

This makes some products not fit for people who follow a vegan lifestyle.

Not 100% Vegan

Perricone MD is not all vegan. Some of their products have parts from animals. This means they don’t work for people who only use vegan things. It’s important to look at what’s in the product before you buy it if you are a strict vegan.

Ethical Practices of Perricone MD

Perricone MD, a luxury skincare brand, has ethical practices that focus mainly on product development without animal testing. They offer some vegan options but are not 100% vegan as some of their products contain animal-derived ingredients.

To reach the Chinese market where animal testing is mandatory for physical stores, they adopt a different approach by selling through their website only. However, there have been discussions around the use of questionable ingredients in their products—something worth considering when evaluating the overall ethics of this brand.

Perricone MD collection

Specializing in Skincare and Makeup

Perricone MD makes great skin and makeup items. They use good things that do not hurt your skin. All their stuff is safe to use. People who care about how they look love this brand a lot!

Selling in China Through the Website Only

Perricone MD sells in China, but only through their website. This is good news! It helps them stay away from animal tests. Why? In China, beauty items shipped in need those tests by law.

On the web, selling has a neat trick to it. It lets Perricone MD pass up on these awful rules. So, every item stays cruelty-free and keeps our furry friends safe!

Questionable Ingredients

Perricone MD has some ingredients in their products that vegans may not like. These are items taken from animals. Here is a list:

  1. Fish Polypeptides: These small parts come from fish.
  2. Egg Shell Membrane: This thin layer comes from the inside of egg shells.
  3. Chitosan: This one comes from the shells of shrimp and other sea bugs.


1. Is Perricone MD a Cruelty-Free Brand?

Yes, Perricone MD is a cruelty-free brand as they do not test their products on animals.

2. Are All Perricone MD Products Vegan?

No, not all Perricone MD products are vegan, but they do offer some vegan skincare options.

3. What Does It Mean When a Product Is Cruelty-Free?

A product that is cruelty-free means it was made without any animal testing at all stages of its creation.

4. How Can I Know if a Product From Perricone MD Is Vegan?

To find out if a product from Perricone MD is vegan, look for the ‘vegan’ label on the packaging or check the ingredients list.

5. What Types of Products Does Perricone MD Make?

Perricone MD makes many types of skin care items like face masks, creams, serums, and more.

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