Ultimate Hair Care Tips for Healthy Hair in Autumn

Healthy hair can be easily achieved with a proper routine, based on your hair type. However, perfect hair health might become a struggle with the cold season approaching. With autumn approaching, the hair might grow more fragile, and this is why it might need extra care to keep its shine and health.

So, what could you do to have healthy hair even when it’s cold outside?

Read our article to find out some tips and tricks on how to take care of your hair in the autumn season.

1. Protect Your Hair With a Hat

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Getting out in the rain and cold without any head protection might not only be bad for your health (risk of catching a cold!) but also for your healthy hair.

A simple thing to incorporate in your routine for autumn is wearing a hat or a beanie every time it’s too cold, rainy, or windy outside. The hat will protect your hair from the cold so that perfect hair health is preserved!

Wearing a hat doesn’t have to be something to dread on, nowadays there are plenty of options that are quite charming! After a while, you might even notice it enhances your charm!  When you’re wearing a hat very often, your hair could get greasy more often than before. This is normal and shouldn’t be something to put you off from wearing a hat. Just wash your hair as often as it needs, and you’ll be just fine! When washing the hair, it is good to clear all the impurities, and one thing that can help with this is the Honey!

Since the old era, honey has remained a vital ingredient when it comes to the kitchen section. Besides, this sweet stuff is known to be of great benefit when it comes to beauty. According to many beauty enthusiasts, honey is the Beyonce of beauty stores. Like Beyonce, the benefits that come with using honey for hair treatment, for example, are more than just hype. A trip to the drugstores will tell you that the use of honey for beauty purposes has gained popularity.

As said earlier, honey is known to contain anti-microbial properties which are essential when it comes to cleaning the hair follicles. Hence, the sweet stuff can be used to clear away the impurities which are notorious for clogging the pores. As a result, your hair is left free hence proceeding to grow unimpeded. Although honey alone can’t accelerate your hair’s growth rate, it can create a pleasant environment for your hair’s optimal growth. The good thing is hats go well with every hair type.

2. Keep Your Healthy Hair With Styling Products

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You might be tempted to lay off the styling products during the colder months of the year as the wind and the rain make your hair barely manageable anyway.

Well, this is not the ideal solution. Choosing the right styling products for your hair type and the season can prove to be highly beneficial for your perfect hair health. Coconut oil is one of those great products. You should always use a thermal protection product if you are blow-drying your hair.

The same goes for using other styling devices to get waves or straighten the hair. The thermal protection will prevent you from getting all that curly hair that is so annoying. More than this, it is excellent for hair health. Depending on the texture of your hair, you can also choose other styling products that can make the transition to autumn smoother, such as a leave-in product for hydration.

What You Can Do to Prevent Drying of the Hair?

Our top favorite tip on how to prevent the hair from drying in the autumn period is the same answer to the question – how to use honey for hair care as a conditioner.

According to Felix Fischer, a renowned hair artist, honey is a natural hair conditioner. The sweet product is known for its humectant and retention properties. These two properties help attract moisture from the atmosphere, thus leaving your beautiful hair feeling healthy and smooth and without any split ends. When used, the honey leaves your hair strands feeling soft, nourished, and with plenty of life and bounce.

Also, the application of honey helps exclude the excessive buildup, which can hinder moisture and nutrients found in hair products from reaching the scalp. As a result, the honey reduces the itching, as well as the scalp’s dryness. Therefore, it’s advisable to apply a mixture of honey and warm water at least twice a week to prevent your scalp from drying.

3. Proper Hydration for the Hair During Autumn

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If in summer your hair needs some sunscreen protection products, in the colder months it will need more hydration. Aside from switching to a different kind of shampoo and conditioner when the autumn comes, you should also try a weekly hair mask. Low temperature can cause extreme dehydration that can lead to permanent damage to the hair.

This is the reason why a highly hydrating hair mask with coconut oil or argan oil can have multiple benefits for your perfect hair health. You can buy a hair mask from the store. Or you can create your own at home if you want to try all-natural ingredients. Another thing that you can do to keep your hair healthy and shinning during the colder months is to apply a bit of hair oil on the tips of the hair after each shower. This should prevent split ends and give your hair the luster you desire.

So, now we are going to show you how to prepare a honey mask for the treatment of the hair that will deliver great results in no time.

Follow these simple six steps to avoid damaged hair and be amazed!

  • Mix a quarter cup of extra-virgin oil onto half a cup of raw, organic honey
  • Warm the mixture for a few seconds
  • Apply the warm mixture on your hair and massage your hair strands gently
  • AIIOW the combination to work magic for about 20 minutes
  • Using shampoo, wash your head thoroughly
  • Repeat the steps at least twice a week until the treatment delivers the expected results.

4. Avoid Keeping the Hair in the Towel After Washing

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Trying to dry the hair by using a cloth or keeping it tight in a towel after washing is never a good idea, and can lead to damaged hair. However, it can cause significant damage in autumn. As we’ve mentioned before, the hair is more fragile due to the influence of external factors. This means you need to handle it even more gently than usual. So, what you can do after washing your hair is to allow it to dry naturally or to use a dry blower (after you have applied for thermal protection, as discussed above!).

5. Get a New Haircut

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Regularly cutting the tips of the hairs can do magic for your hairstyle. However, in autumn, you might consider getting a new haircut altogether. Refreshing the line of the haircut is necessary from time to time. So, why not do it in a period where you are wearing a hat or a hood on most of the time? This way you can get to try new hairstyles and see what suits you best!

But here is what you can also do if you want to increase the shine

It’s everyone’s dream to have shiny hair, but not many people live to achieve that dream. Honey is known for its dense and sticky properties, all of which are essential when it comes to smoothening the cuticles of your hair strands. When used on your hair, honey helps reduce frizz while promoting the luster, as well as the shine of your hair. Therefore, you should use honey regularly to achieve that shiny look.

6. Use Honey as a Natural Ingredient for Different Treatments

Many individuals conclude that honey is merely anecdotal. What many people don’t understand is that the sweet stuff can be used as a bleaching agent. According to the professionals, the anti-microbial process is as a result of hydrogen peroxide formed through a slow-release process. The peroxide comes from the glucose oxidase added by bees while producing the honey. As you’re aware, hydrogen peroxide is a bleaching agent, and hence honey can be used to perform the same task. According to fashion stylists, using honey to bleach the hair is less dramatic and gives impressive results as compared to using store-bought bleach or any other products.

If healthy hair is your goal, you need to adjust the care routine when the autumn comes. Perfect hair health is 100% achievable by following a few simple suggestions we have discussed in this article!


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