The “How To” Guide To Using Evolvh Hair Products

Are you looking for a hair product to get a real WOW effect? Well, the chances are it might come from Evolvh! It’s not magic; it’s clean, plant-based, additives-free hair care for healthy, happy, and lush-looking hair! Evolvh hair care is the modern-day savior of any girl who wakes up to a bad hair day once in a while or every single day. The company claims that its products deliver unparalleled results, and most of the people trying them can testify to this too. So, let’s dive in a have a look at who is Evolvh and what are their best-sold products! 

Who is Evolvh?

Evolvh is all about hair and high-efficiency haircare products. The company was founded by two men, both highly experienced in the haircare industry. Boris grew up in his family hair salon, while Gary Smith is the chemist and the S in KMS haircare. The partnership started when Boris asked Gary to help him create a more natural alternative to high-end hair salon products. Evolvh hair products are all about making the most out of your haircare routine without compromising anything. 

Evolvh provides an extensive offer for both colored, wavy and curly hair and for all hair types in general. The packaging is absolutely superb as we could all use a little bit of glam in our shampoo bottle. But, more importantly, the Evolvh products deliver results – they make the hair more manageable after each use. You can style your hair easier than ever, and this means a lot, especially if you’re the proud owner of a curly mane.

Is Evolvh natural, organic, or vegan?

Organic haircare is sometimes associated with hair that is almost impossible to style. 

The hair is dry, feels like straws, and this really cuts all the fun out of trying natural haircare products. But, fortunately, this is not the case with Evolvh haircare products. Evolvh’s shampoos and conditioners can really make a difference in terms of the smoothness and softness of your hair.

Formulated with 90% organic ingredients, Evolvh hair products are all gluten and cruelty-free. Most products are also vegan, so you can experience an improvement in the condition of your hair with no side effects at all. 

Most people choose Evolvh natural hair products because of the clean ingredients and the high quality they deliver. The hair is shinier, the texture is significantly improved, and the moisture is always present without weighing down the hair. And these are just some of the reasons why you should give Evolvh a try!


Evolvh for curly hair

If you have curly hair, you know styling doesn’t come easy. You probably spent hours and hours digging online for suggestions and tips and tricks. You probably also spent a small fortune on products that promise the moon, only to discover that they do nothing for you or your curls. But did you hear about the “Curly Girl Method”? It shows up on social media under the #cgmethod hashtag, and many swear on it to be a game-changer for women with curly hair. And all you have to do is choose the right Evolvh products and follow some basic steps:

How to do Evolvh Curly Girl Method:

  • Avoid using haircare products with sulfates, non-soluble silicones, alcohol, and synthetic fragrances. 

Instead, choose a product that is dedicated to getting your curls in tip-top shape, such as SmartCurl Hydrating Wash. This alternative to traditional shampoos cleanses the hair but doesn’t strip away the natural oils. It is infused with essential nutrients to make your hair stronger, shinier, and softer. The hair wash moisturizes the hair for more manageability and frizz-free curls. And you might even notice that your hair grows faster and the color stays for longer!

  • Switch from a shampoo to a conditioner to cleanse the hair.

The UltraShine Moisture Conditioner is a great choice if you want to reduce frizz considerably and forget about all other detangling products and hairbrushes. Silky smooth hair, deeply hydrated, and perfectly cleansed can be as easy as using this conditioner instead of your regular shampoo. 

  • Lock in moisture and close the hair cuticles with cold water after you wash your hair. All you have to do is bend your head forward or to the back and let cold water run through your tresses for a few seconds. 
  • Limit the use of heating styling tools. 

We know this is a hard one, so maybe just use a leave-in conditioner to reduce the damage, such as SmartCurl Leave-in ConditionerWonder Balm Magic for Curls also works its magic when it comes to using a heat styling device. The hair becomes softer and looks amazing after using this magic balm. Probably this is the reason why it is considered one of the cult products of Evolvh.

  • Dry your hair using a curly hair towel or a cotton t-shirt. The regular towels can be a bit too much on your delicate curls. Minimize the risks and use a soft, cotton t-shirt to dry the curls.  Additionally, you can also use the Super Curl Defining Cream for easy styling.

Evolvh for wavy hair

No one is left behind! Even girls with wavy hair can find their perfect hair products at Evolvh! The recommendation for women with wavy hair is to cleanse the hair once or twice a week, using a gentle shampoo for curls or volume, depending on their particular needs. 

InstaVolume Cleansing Treatment is a great choice if your hair gets oily and your waves get flat too soon after washing the hair. If your hair is on the dry side, try leaving some conditioner on the tips of the hair after rinsing the hair, to give it more hydration. 

Styling products such as Ultimate Styling Lotion should be applied on damp hair if you want great-looking, lustrous wavy hair.

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