6 Best Benefits of Using Olive Oil for Hair

Using olive oil is common in many homes, especially in the kitchen area. Funny enough, olive oil can double as a cosmetic as it’s known to treat various conditions involving the skin and hair. The olive oil is derived straight from the olives and comes in three categories based on how it’s processed. When it comes to treating damaged hair, extra virgin oil is the most commonly used as it is pure. Without saying much, here are the top 6 benefits of olive oil for hair.

Promotes Hair Growth

olive oil Promotes hair growth

Many ladies dream of having stable hair, but that is not always the case. You must know that the growth rate is affected by many factors among them diet and environment. Thankfully, olive oil can do the magic about the speed. The olive oil has been in use since the old era and is still being used today to promote hair growth. It contains antioxidants which have a stimulating property. According to health experts, these antioxidants help reduce chronic inflammation present in the follicles. The elimination leaves your hair healthy and hence an improved growth.

Keeps dandruff at bay

olive oil keeps dandruff at bay

Dandruff can be a pain in the neck because they are hard to kick out once they attack. Olive oil is known to be a suitable home remedy for this kind of hair problem as it contains almost every component that your scalp requires to combat dandruff. When mixed with some fresh lemon, olive oil can do magic on stubborn dandruff. The mixture helps prevent flakes while toning down your irritated scalp, as well. All you need to do is massage the mixture on your hair as you would do with the regular oil. This is one of the best benefits of Olive Oil for Hair you’ll experience.

Cures Split Ends

olive oil Cures split ends

Split ends are a common problem that affects people’s hair and is caused by hair damage or weakness. Sadly, this particular problem can mess with your hair and hence the beauty. The use of olive oil for hair is known for treating split ends. When used, the oil adds a touch of moisture, as well as, weight to your hair. This remedy usually works perfectly during the dry winter months as it soothes the ends of your hair that may be split, and it is good for all hair types. The oil act as a serum once you’ve styled and shampooed your hair and hence you should use it regularly.

Makes Your Hair Stronger

olive oil makes your hair stronger

More often than not, you may note some hair left on your comb or your pillow in the morning. If you find yourself in such a condition, you shouldn’t be much scared as its typical. Regular use of olive oil can be used to treat this condition as it is rich in vitamins that help lock the keratin in your hair. The vitamins present in the olive oil help strengthen the hair strands while boosting the health of your follicles hence reducing the hair loss. In return, your hair is left feeling stronger than before and shinier.

Improves Texture And Luster

Olive Oil Improves texture and luster

Having oily hair is a good thing, but it’s not a state many people live to achieve. Most people’s hair is prone to a brittle and rough texture, a condition that can interfere with your overall beauty. If you’re experiencing this condition, you must try out the olive oil benefits. The olive oil is known to cut down the frizz substantially. Besides, it boosts the vitamin E levels on your hair hence improving the shine, as well as, appearance. Also, the use of olive oil adds your hair volume leaving it smoother than before.

Promotes your hair’s length

Olive Oil Promotes your hair’s length

Almost every lady dreams of having long hair, but not many live to witness that dream. Many factors influence the size of your hair among them diet. Over and over again, olive oil can be used as a solution for long hair. When used, the olive oil also helps exclude the build-up of excess sebum on your hair. According to health professionals, the excessive build-up of sebum blocks the growth of new hair follicles and hair in general. Therefore, you should use olive oil regularly if you’re looking forward to long hair.

Using Olive Oil for Hair Care

How to prepare the oil for use

As stated earlier, olive oil comes in three forms based on their way of processing. Some of these forms are chemically made and thus unfit for treating damaged hair. It’s advisable to go with the extra virgin olive oil because it’s pure. Also, this particular oil is known to deliver a higher amount of nutrients to your hair as compared to the other options available.


  1. Cover yourself using a towel to avoid damaging your clothes
  2. Comb your hair gently
  3. Prepare a mixture of olive oil and two teaspoonfuls of fresh lemon, for dandruff treatment. For a moisturizing treat, mix half an avocado, one egg, and olive oil. For durable and long hair, mix two egg yolks, two teaspoonfuls of olive oil and half a cup of cold water.
  4. Apply olive oil mixture into the ends of your hair and massage gently.
  5. Work on the whole head, applying the mix in one section at a time.
  6. Blow your hair dry for a few minutes on medium heat to help the olive oil penetrate.
  7. Leave the olive oil on your hair to work the magic. The period can be two hours or even 12 hours, depending on the intensity of your hair damage.
  8. After you’ve allowed the olive oil to penetrate, shampoo, and rinse your hair thoroughly.


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