Kickstart Your Brushing Action With The Vitagoods Spinbrush

Glowing, healthy-looking skin without putting in too much effort? Well, there is a solution! Vitagoods spin is the facial brush you definitely need in your face and body care routine because it does it all!

If you thought you need many products to get rid of dead skin cells from the surface of the face and rejuvenate the complexion, you’d be happy to know that all it takes is a good face brush!

This doesn’t mean that you can throw away all your skincare from now! It’s always important to use good-quality products that are suitable for your skin type. More than this, pay attention to the order in which you apply the products on your face and the method used.

What is Vitagoods Spin Brush?

Thanks to the continuous technological progression, experts have created this miraculous device to become an ally of women from all around the world. With a simple yet sophisticated design, this brush comes with four interchangeable accessories to clean and exfoliate the whole body, starting with the face!

The nylon bristle head is usually used for daily cleansing, while the synthetic bristle head is used more for exfoliation purposes. The dry brushing removes dead cells from the surface of the skin, leaving the skin ready to absorb masks, creams, or essential oils.

Vitagoods Spin Brush for the face and the body

It also comes with a special body brush that has a larger size, perfect for deep cleansing of the whole body, suitable even for hard-to-reach places.

The brush is available in several colors for all tastes, so it suits any buyer. It requires 4 type AA batteries. The Vitagoods Spin Brush can be used even in a bathtub or shower because it is water-resistant.

Even if the brush is very thorough, it is also very gentle on our skin; you can use it at the level of the face without worrying about hurting or scratching the delicate skin. This aspect is important to mention as some other brushes, even if designed for the facial area, can irritate the skin and make it look red. And who likes a reddish look on her skin? 

Main benefits of using the Vitagoods Spin Brush

Compared to other brushes, it spins, it does not vibrate, and its price is low compared with products of the same quality and functions. And this device is definitely worth every penny. We already know that this brand has unquestionable quality products, and Vitagoods spin brush is among their most beloved and purchased products.

If you are into dry brushing and all the benefits it brings for the skin and the whole body, then you should know that this brush can do things that a manual brush wouldn’t be able to. This device can do 380 rotations per minute.

The micro-massage technology leaves your skin visibly smoother and ready to absorb the skincare products that are part of your beauty routine. This means that the active ingredients in your serums and creams will be more effective. The device also comes with a pumice stone that can be used for areas such as knees, elbows, cracked heels.

Although the market has been invaded with many brushes in recent years, it doesn’t mean that they are all equal in terms of the results they can deliver.

If you haven’t noticed major changes to your skin with other brushes, it means that you have to give yourself the chance to try a good one –  Vitagoods – and you will not be disappointed!

Your face and body will be rejuvenated, cleanser, and glowing from the inside out. And the masks or essential oils you used and seemed to deliver no or little results will do their job better. Thanks to the chapels adaptable to all your needs, your skin will look better than ever!

You don’t need to visit a professional beauty clinic when you have a good face brush

Why schedule a visit to the beauty salon when you can enjoy a professional-like treatment and pampering in the comfort of your home using this gadget?

In addition to being suitable for any skin type, it can reduce signs of aging. The brush is also effective for excess sebum. Your skin will always be toned, clean, hydrated, and more relaxed. 

If you are not convinced yet, you should know that you can easily get rid of problems causing acne, blackheads, or wrinkles with this brush. More than this, you can use this brush together with products recommended by a dermatologist to help you get rid of sunspots, pigmentation, and other skin conditions.

More details about the Vitagoods Spin Brush

There are few people who rightly complain that accessories need to be changed within two to three months, but this is not something out of the ordinary, so not a big turn-off, especially considering the cost.

Vitagoods Spin Brush reviewers are happy with the results achieved when using the brush, and a very small, almost insignificant percentage of them would go back to dry brushing manually. When following the classic skincare routine steps: cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing, you can expect better results with this brush.

More than this, the revolutionary device can make your whole skincare routine more efficient and simple. The brush is also very easy to use; you only need to attach the head to the device according to the area and needs.

If you want to clean the face, it’s important first to remove eye makeup with a special cleanser. After cleansing and using a toner, you can choose a scrub or moisturizing cream to use for the massage. For better results, massage the skin in circular motions; this also improves blood circulation in the massaged area.

After your moment of relaxation is over, you must carefully clean the brush head, wipe off excess water and allow the brush to dry until the next time it is used. To avoid skin conditions, it is recommended to change the brush heads every two months because residues can remain and trigger irritations.

Easy dry brushing for the whole body

All you have to do is follow your usual beauty ritual and add this device that can work wonders for your face and body. The recommended time for such a procedure is between one and two minutes, but this also depends on your needs. Some would use it every day, just because it’s very relaxing and simulates a spa-like experience at home.

Thanks to this innovative technology, we get the chance to take care of our skin in a simple, easy manner and also make the most out of the skincare products we use. If you want to look your best and do your best for your skin, Vitagoods spin brush offers you an experience that will make you feel more confident than ever before. With the right tools and products, you can minimize the time you spend with skincare and maximize the results.

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