5 Reasons Why Dry Brushing The Face is Important and How To Use Facial Cleansing Brush

If you are looking for a method to keep a glowing, youthful complexion and get rid of the impurities that can accumulate at the level of the surface of the skin, dry brushing the face might be the solution for you.

Today we are going to prove to you that it is beneficial to dry brush the face and explain more how to do it and what is the right way. So, stay with us!

Dry brushing can make facial skin smoother and softer. At the same time, it can stimulate the blood flow. You will notice that the skin will be soft and glowing after dry brushing the face.

Using any face cream or natural oil after this step will lead to better absorption of the product. Hence more moisturized skin. The specialists recommend dry brushing the face in the morning or the evening. The procedure is better before taking a shower. Remember to follow up with a hydrating oil after.

Why Adopt This Ritual for the Face?

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Reason 1: Through the skin, we eliminate toxins from the body. So unclogging the pores and removing the dead cells from the surface of the skin is mandatory. In this way, the toxin elimination process is efficient.

Reason 2: Dry brushing the skin performed with a special brush all over the body can stimulate the lymphatic and blood circulation. This contributes to toxin elimination and proper tissue oxygenation.

Reason 3: By unclogging the pores and removing the dead cells, we can also prevent the occurrence of blackheads and pimples at the level of the face.

Using a dry brush can have remarkable benefits not only for the skin but at the level of the whole body, promoting overall health.

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Stimulation of the Lymphatic System

The lymphatic system is responsible for toxin elimination from the body. When it is not functioning correctly, all the toxins stay in the body instead of being removed. We can say that the lymphatic system swipes the toxins from the level of the tissues.

Also, it collects and destroys toxins, as well as bacteria. Abnormal cells are also removed, and it transports the cells responsible for immunity to the areas where they are needed.

By using a dry brush regularly, we create favorable conditions for the lymph to do the detox function. And this is so important in keeping us healthy.

Exfoliation Role

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By dry brushing the face, we eliminate the dead cells at the level of the surface of the skin. Hence the pores are cleaned and unclogged, and the skin becomes glowing and very smooth.

Dry brushing the face can be more beneficial for the face compared to shop brought products that might be too aggressive for the delicate and sensitive skin of the face.

Better Blood Circulation

Dry brushing the face can also contribute to better functioning of the circulatory system.

This makes the metabolic residues easier to eliminate for the body and can also translate into improved energy levels and more vitality.


People who have taken up to this practice can testify to this – it is so relaxing, it can become addictive! Dry brushing your face early in the morning, just before the shower can be used as an anti-stress method to keep you relaxed and to smile all through the day.

How to Dry Brush Your Face

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As mentioned before, it is preferable to start dry brushing your face in the morning before the shower. Make sure to use a brush made out of natural fibers that are delicate with your skin. But we are going to talk about brushes later in this text!

The natural fibers will do a gentle exfoliation without hurting the skin or causing allergies, as can be the case with synthetic material brushes (nylon, for example).

Dry Brushing Is Not Time-Consuming but Efficient

You only need a few minutes of using a dry brush a day, but you might find yourself prolonging this ritual for a bit longer as it can be very relaxing and refreshing.

The specialists recommend avoiding using a dry brush after excessive sun exposure, and also if you have rashes, wounds, or excessively sensitive skin.

Should You Do It Every Day?

Unlike other types of exfoliating products, dry brushing your face is recommended for your everyday beauty routine. For spectacular results and a youthful-looking appearance, extend the dry brushing to the neck and cleavage too.

Benefits Of Facial Cleansing Brush

We all want to achieve a perfect glowing, healthy face. We want to be the epitome of youth and beauty. But, most of us have imperfections.

Things like acne, dry skin, and wrinkles. Wouldn’t it be great if they made a tool that not only got our pores clean but also helped improve the overall complexion of our skin?

Well, in this part of the blog we are talking about using a facial cleansing brush that can help you do just that.

What is a Facial Cleansing Brush?

A facial cleansing brush can be an electric or non-electric brush that you use with your favorite gentle cleaners to wash your face. These cleansing brushes work by either rotating or vibrating to get your pores squeaky clean.

They are great for removing leftover makeup residue and for a mild exfoliation. This will help your favorite creams and lotions to penetrate deeper into the skin to work better.

How Do We Use the Facial Cleansing Brush?

All you need is a gentle cleanser that you already know and love. Never use anything that is an exfoliating cleanser or has glycolic acid in it. These will irritate the skin and can cause burns.

Depending on the style you have selected, review the instructions on whether or not you should cleanse in an up and down motion or a circular motion. Do not use them to take your make up off. This will only press makeup into your pores and cause breakouts.

Always clean and properly dry your brush after each use with antibacterial soap and warm water. Always read the instructions carefully to ensure proper use.

Why You Should Use Facial Cleansing Brush

Reason 1: Acne Reduction

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If you are prone to acne, using a mild exfoliator like this can help reduce them. Since these brushes clean better and more profound than a cloth and soap, it will remove all impurities.

When you first try dry brushing your face, you might see a flare-up, but this should go away within a couple of weeks.

This happens because as your dead skin cells might clog pores at first. After a couple of weeks, your skin will transition and become clear again.

Reason 2: Wrinkle Remover

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With a more natural exfoliation, your dry skin will have an increase in blood circulation. Increased blood circulation means that you will have increased production of collagen.

That pure ingredient in all of your anti-aging creams and lotions. Combined with dead skin cells being removed, you are left with a healthy glow. With a routine and a good hydrating cream, your skin will become more elastic and firm.

This can reverse most wrinkles and prevent more from forming. Some even argue that these brushes work better than anti-aging creams!

Reason 3: Shrinks Pores 

using a dry brush with prolonged use can shrink your pores. This is because they get the dirt out from pores that you can’t reach with just a cleanser alone.

Reason 4: Softer Skin

If you have dry skin, a facial cleansing brush might be your ticket to flake-free skin. Since the brush has a very smooth and mild exfoliator, it is perfect for people with eczema.

The brushes work to gently remove the top dead layer of skin and clearing out your pores. In time each time you use your brush, less and less dead skin will be removed because it will not be there. No dead skin cells equal a soft, hydrated face.

After cleansing is the best time to apply a hydrating oil or cream, as the skin is fresh and your blood circulation is at it’s best! Take caution with overuse, though!


As you can see, facial cleansing brushes are an excellent tool for anyone of any age to have. There are no real, long-lasting side effects as long as you are using them correctly and cleaning them regularly.

You have nothing to lose, but everything to gain! Who doesn’t want glowing clear and healthy skin? These are great to treat yourself and to give out as gifts.


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