The Best Natural Acne Treatments You Can Buy

Why You Should Ditch Your Old Acne Cream

Everyone who ever had an outbreak of acne was looking for the best acne creams and knows how difficult the struggle is of eliminating them. The FDA reports that many of the popular over-the-counter acne products cause serious side effects like swelling of the face, rashes, red skin, irritation, and itchiness. The point of getting an acne-free skin is to remove the bacteria that is causing the inflammation and by cleaning the excess oil from the skin and removing dead skin cells, allowing the faster growth of new ones. So once you know this it’s easy to make an effective choice for the best acne cream that’ll surely get rid of your problem.

Our Selection of Best Acne Creams

1. Exposed Skincare Acne Treatment Serum

Talking about an effective yet natural acne treatment. The Exposed Skincare Acne Treatment Serum is made out of a unique lightweight gel, from pure natural extracts and high-quality ingredients that fight bacteria that cause acne. Its formula also contains green tea to heal and calm the skin throughout the day.

The gel is white, with a thick consistency, and you only need to apply it to the specific spots where there is inflammation. If needed, you can also apply it on the entire face, but make sure you apply a small amount of gel on your hands and gently massage it onto your face. Be careful not to rub it in too much as irritation makes acne worse.

You can use this serum both in the morning and night, but once per night should be enough to start. You will feel a small tingling sensation after you apply it, which only proves that the gel is already doing its magic.

People with acne that have used this acne treatment product swear by its immediate results, and it’s safe to say that this product is one of the best of the Exposed Skincare line

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  • Lightweight gel formula
  • Immediate results
  • Great for all types of Acne
  • Affordable price
  • Doesn’t cause any dryness
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  • It’s recommended that you get the whole kit
  • Contains Benzoyl Peroxide

2. Charcoal Bar Soap by Herbivore Botanicals

Each skin type has its challenges, but when it comes to oily and combination skin and the association with acne (which is rather frequent), things can get more complicated. The real struggle here is to find skincare products that cleanse the skin without making it overly dry, red, and irritated.

Certain skincare products designed for acne containing harsh chemical ingredients can trigger severe allergic reactions and skin sensitivities that might be even more difficult to treat than acne. However, there are products that are gentle enough for everyday use and strong enough to make a difference after just a few applications. We are talking here about the Herbivore Botanicals Charcoal Bar Soap.

The Charcoal Bar Soap from Herbivore Botanicals was created with detoxification properties to clear the face affected by acne. Toxins and excess oils at the level of the face are absorbed due to the action of the Bamboo charcoal.

The Tea Tree oil in the formula is efficient in keeping bacteria at bay, hence helping in reducing the signs of acne. Don’t be surprised if the Charcoal Bar Soap becomes your anti-acne skin hero in no time! The soap cleanses the pores while also exfoliating the skin for a radiant appearance.

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  • Suitable for everyday use
  • Can be applied to the face and body
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  • Leaves a black residue in the shower

3. LEROSETT Organic Clay Acne Spot Treatment & Clearing Mask

This product is advertised as the only spa-grade 100% organic acne clay mask. So, how to get clear skin? With a formula that has no damaging chemicals and additives, before anything else. LEROSETT Organic Clay Acne Spot Treatment & Clearing Mask has been launched on the market over 30 years ago and since then it has been one of the favorites of many dermatologists and beauticians. Until recently, it was only licensed professionals that had the possibility of buying this product, so you could have only tried it in a spa or beauty salon.

The mask is efficient in treating acne and blackheads, it helps tighten the pores and delivers clear skin with an amazing texture. More than this, it minimizes the redness and inflammation associated with acne-prone skin and reduces scarring associated with acne. The mask should be rubbed into the skin with gentle movements. You can let it work overnight or for just 10 minutes. It can be used in combination with other products from the same brand to achieve superior results.

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  • 100% organic
  • Dries in minutes
  • Without chemicals
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  • High water content

4. Mario Badescu Drying Lotion

If you are curious about how the celebrities’ skin feels like, you should try the Mario Badescu skincare products. Many celebrities from all around the world swear on these products created by the Romanian who revolutionized the world of cosmetics.

This is a product suitable to be used on skin prone to acne or breakouts as it can clear the skin and dry blemishes even after only a few applications. This is an award-winning solution that can get you rid of pimples overnight. The skin texture is much improved and the blemishes are gone in no time.

The Lotion is an all-time favorite of many social media influencers and media celebrities and often praised in articles and blogs and for good reason that is. This lotion has a formula based on salicylic acid and zinc oxide, ingredients known to be highly effective when it comes to treating acne and blemishes.

You can use the drying lotion on a per need basis. All you have to do is apply a small amount of product on the area with blemishes or on the whitehead. Let it dry overnight and rinse with plenty of water in the morning. Results will not be late to occur!

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  • A celebrities’ favorite
  • Effective spot treatment
  • Suitable for skin prone to blemishes and acne
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  • Contains salicylic acid
  • Pricey

5. Himalaya Botanique Neem & Turmeric Natural Face Wash & Cleanser

If you were looking for a cleanser that is gentle on your oily or combination skin or how to get clear skin, you might have come to the right place. Or the right product! Himalaya Botanique Neem & Turmeric Face Wash is suitable for acne-prone skin as it cleanses and reduces the pores. Free from parabens, artificial fragrance, and color agents, the product still delivers on the promise of sensory pleasure.

Despite targeting oily and combination skin, this face wash won’t leave your skin dry due to the vitamin E and coconut oil extracts. The face feels clean, soft and hydrated after using the face wash. Other ingredients in this formula are neem, as well as Turmeric leaves. This ensures radiance and a refreshed face. This product has not been tested on animals.

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  • Free from parabens
  • Doesn’t dry skin
  • Cruelty-free
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  • Runny texture

6. Shea Terra Organics Rose Hips Black Soap Deep Pore Facial Wash

Essentially this is (as the name suggests) a black soap with cleansing pores properties. If you are familiar with the black soap trend, you might need to give this product a try as it has started the frenzy.  With lots of reviews (comments and videos), there is a lot of talking about this product and it has been stated that it is the world’s most effective face wash. The formula is based on an ancient African recipe and it contains real African Black Soap. This face wash will feel like you just got a microdermabrasion. It aims to eliminate dead skin cells, fights acne and tones the skin.

Another important ingredient is the organic rosehip seed oil, well known in the world of cosmetics for its regenerative benefits. The skin looks and feels younger and regenerated after just a few applications. The formula is 100% natural ingredients and cruelty-free. It doesn’t dry the face and it is parabens-free. Suitable for daily use.

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  • 100% natural ingredients
  • Not tested on animals
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  • Some may not like the smell

7. Plant Therapy Tea Tree Oil Organic

Next on our list of best acne creams is a product that contains tee tree oil. The tea tree oil is well known for its antibacterial properties and often recommended for people with acne prone skin or blemishes. But the tea tree oil also has certain properties that calm irritated skin and eliminates the redness that can be associated with sensitive or acne skin. The Plant Therapy Tea Tree Oil Organic can be used to fight acne, as well as dandruff due to its antifungal properties.

This tea tree oil is GMO- free and certified organic product. It is suitable to use on sensitive skin and even on children. The Plant Therapy Tea Tree Oil Organic can be used in combination with other oils, diluted and also diffused. If you want to know how to get clear skin, this product might just do the trick for you!

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  • 100% pure and organic
  • antibacterial properties
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  • Unpleasant smell

Frequently Asked Questions

What foods cause acne?

The most common foods that cause acne are refined grains and sugars, dairy products and fast food.

Does drinking water help acne?

Keeping your skin moisturized helps keep your cells clean of dirt and bacteria, but it doesn’t help with the oil on your skin.

At what age does acne appear and goes away?

Acne usually appears between the ages of 10 and 13, and it tends to get worse in people with oily skin. The acne in teenagers lasts five to ten years and go away in the early 20s.

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