Brilliant Tips on How to Migrate to a Winter Skin Care Routine

Do you have chapped lips and overly dry skin in the winter months? Is the skin at the base of the nose red, dry and flaky? Many of us deal with these symptoms! Chapped lips are like one of the signs of cold weather! As soon as the temperatures drop, the skin gets more sensitive, and irritation, as well as redness and flakiness, can occur. It can be quite difficult to address the needs of the skin in winter weather if you are not familiar with the basics of skin care, and that’s why we’ve made this brief guide on how to migrate to a winter skin care routine.

How Do You Keep Your Skin Hydrated in the Winter?

How Do You Keep Your Skin Hydrated in the Winter?

This is one of the most challenging parts of migrating to a winter skin care routine – proper hydration. You might have noticed already that your daily natural moisturizer doesn’t seem to be able to cope with the new weather requirements. 

The more sensitive skin needs a different type of care, or, better said – a different type of moisturizer. So, the first step you need to consider is changing the moisturizer to better protect the skin barrier against the cold and the wind. If you like a light moisturizer or even a gel-like one during the warmer months of the year, in winter, you might get to appreciate an oil-based one. Even better, if you don’t have oily or acne-prone skin, you can try coconut oil. 

Coconut oil has great skin benefits, it’s easy to find anywhere and quite affordable, and it will keep your skin protected, no matter how low temperatures drop. Keep in mind that coconut oil is a great option for the evening routine if you want to wake up with plump, hydrated skin in the morning or to lock in moisture during the day. 

Apply the coconut oil the last in your routine, after the cleanser, toner, serums, and creams. 

Gently Exfoliate Regularly for a Special Glow

Gently Exfoliate Regularly for a Special Glow

If there is one thing that is annoying in winter, it is that without special care, the skin gets a dull, greyish look. Due to several external factors such as wind, low temperatures, and face rubbing against different fabrics (the jacket, the scarf, etc.), the complexion becomes dull, and this is no fun at all. In summer, we exfoliate to get rid of dead skin cells and rejuvenate the skin, but is it a good idea to use a scrub in winter time when the face is already sensitive, dry and potentially irritated? Well, the short answer is YES! 

Gentle exfoliation is a mandatory step of your beauty routine all year long. However, if in summer you might exfoliate once a week, in winter, it might be enough to do it once every two weeks or even once a month. Extensive hydration is a must after using the scrub as it can strip your skin of its natural oils. 

To get the best possible results with exfoliation in winter, try it after a shower or a long, warm bath when the pores are opened, and make sure to use a face oil or rich, creamy moisturizer when you are done. 

Lips Need Special Attention

Lips Need Special Attention

We did begin by mentioning chapped lips, and this is a real problem. How many times did it happen to bite the skin flakes off your lips until you draw blood? Too many times, we know this! The general suggestion is to use a lip balm to avoid all this. However, if things get severe, a simple lip balm might not be enough. 

As a rule of thumb, your lips need more care in the winter time. This means that you should dedicate a few steps of your beauty routine to this area of the face. Investing in some specific lip care products might be a good idea too. You can choose between hydrating serums and creams that deliver great results with consistent use. And don’t forget to exfoliate the lips regularly for a plump, better defined, soft aspect! 


If you are wondering how to migrate to a winter skincare routine, the first step to consider is changing your daily moisturizer, or, better yet, getting a facial oil that can lock in moisture throughout the day and keep the skin hydrated. Low temperatures, as well as wind and other external factors, can cause excessive skin dryness, as well as irritation and redness. Make sure to address all skin concerns separately in your beauty routine and pay special attention to the lips area.

Aside from the rich or oil-based moisturizer, you might want to get other skincare products for your winter routine. A lip balm (or a lip serum or cream) can help you get the lips of your dreams – flakiness free! At the same time, an exfoliator or scrub can make all the difference in terms of skin glow! 

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