Is Marc Jacobs Beauty Cruelty-Free & Vegan in 2023?

If you’re pondering over whether your favorite Marc Jacobs Beauty products are cruelty-free in 2023, trust me, you’re in good company. As a self-confessed beauty aficionado and fervent animal lover, I’ve rolled up my sleeves and delved into the nitty-gritty of this contentious issue.

This piece will strip away the gloss from Marc Jacobs Beauty’s ethical practices, examining their cruelty-free claims, vegan offerings and stance on markets such as China that enforce animal testing.

So let’s join forces to decode the reality behind our cherished cosmetic brands!

Key Takeaways

  • Marc Jacobs Beauty does not test on animals. But, they sell in China where the law requires animal testing.
  • The company Kendo owns Marc Jacobs Beauty. They might test their other brands on animals.
  • Some products of Marc Jacobs Beauty are vegan like their Eyeliner Gel Crayon and Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon.
  • It’s good to learn how to spot cruelty – free products by checking labels, knowing the parent company, and searching for ingredients.

Understanding Marc Jacobs Beauty’s Ethics and Initiatives

Let’s dive into understanding Marc Jacobs Beauty’s ethical stance. We’ll explore questions about the brand’s approach to animal testing, its market presence in China and whether a larger parent company owns it.

This will give us insights into Marc Jacobs Beauty’s commitment towards cruelty-free practices.

What is Marc Jacobs Beauty’s stance on animal testing?

Marc Jacobs Beauty does not test on animals. They are a cruelty-free brand. This means that they choose to not hurt animals in their process of making makeup. They also do not use any products that come from hurting or killing an animal.

But, the company who owns Marc Jacobs Beauty tests some other brands on animals. So it’s a bit tricky. Yet, for now, we can say that Marc Jacobs Beauty does care about the well-being of animals and is against animal testing.

Is Marc Jacobs Beauty sold in China?

Yes, Marc Jacobs Beauty is sold in China. This fact can impact the brand’s cruelty-free status. In China, laws say that all beauty items need animal testing. That means if a brand sells its stuff there, it has to let animals get tested on.

It is not what “cruelty-free” stands for.

Marc Jacobs Fragrances is also in China markets. Unlike Marc Jacobs Beauty, this company may test their scents on animals. So while some parts of Marc Jacobs avoid animal testing, others do not follow this rule strictly.

Is Marc Jacobs Beauty owned by a larger parent company?

Yes, Marc Jacobs Beauty has a big parent company. It’s called Kendo. But Kendo does not strive to be cruelty-free like Marc Jacobs Beauty. They might test their other products on animals.

That’s why some people don’t see Marc Jacobs Beauty as a truly cruelty-free brand even though they say they are.

Analyzing the Cruelty-Free and Vegan Status of Marc Jacobs Beauty

In this section, we will dive deep into the ingredients used in Marc Jacobs Beauty products to determine their cruelty-free and vegan status. Not all beauty products are created equal, so we’ll examine if any of them contain hidden animal derivatives that may be overlooked.

We will also discuss the ongoing debate about what constitutes a vegan product in the beauty industry and uncover which Marc Jacobs Beauty items fit into this category.

Which Marc Jacobs Beauty products are vegan?

Let’s talk about vegan beauty products by Marc Jacobs. Not everything in their line is vegan, but some things are. The Eyeliner Gel Crayon is one of them. This product does not use any animal byproducts. Their Highliner Matte Gel Eye Crayon is another vegan option. It is free from animal-based ingredients.

Also, the Enamored Hi-Shine Lip Lacquer Lip Gloss stands out as a vegan product. No part of it comes from animals. Lastly, the Under(cover) Perfecting Coconut Primer is another choice to go for if you’re looking for a vegan item from Marc Jacobs Beauty. These are a few options you can choose if you’re on the hunt for vegan beauty products by this brand.

Are there any “grey area” ingredients in Marc Jacobs Beauty products?

Yes, there are some. Marc Jacobs Beauty uses ingredients that some may see as a grey area. These are things not fully vegan. While they don’t use animal byproducts, some items might have stuff tested on animals.

This can make it hard for folks who want to be 100% vegan, and is why the brand gets mixed views. Yet, all the stuff used in their products is listed on their website for everyone to check out.

Companies that do and don’t test on animals

CompanyTests on Animals
Marc Jacobs BeautyNo
Marc Jacobs FragrancesYes
Kendo (Parent Company of Marc Jacobs Beauty)Yes
Coty (Parent Company of Marc Jacobs Fragrances)Yes

It’s important to remember that just because a company says they don’t test on animals doesn’t necessarily mean they are completely cruelty-free. Policies can change based on the location of selling, such as Marc Jacobs Fragrances being sold in China where animal testing is required. It’s also worth noting that a company’s parent company might still conduct animal testing, as with Kendo, the parent company of Marc Jacobs Beauty. So, always do your research to ensure the brands you are supporting align with your ethics.

How to determine if a product is truly cruelty-free

Looking for cruelty-free products can be tricky. Here are some steps to help.

  1. Look for Labels: See if the product has a “cruelty-free” or “not tested on animals” label.
  2. Check Out Their Policies: Visit the brand’s website and read their animal testing policy.
  3. Find Certifications: Look for certifications from groups like PETA.
  4. Know Their Parent Company: Learn who owns the brand. If they test on animals, it could affect the brand.
  5. Watch Out for Sales in China: In China, they test beauty products on animals by law. A brand selling there might not be cruelty-free.
  6. Search Ingredients: Some products use non-vegan ingredients from animals, even if no testing was done on animals.


1. Is Marc Jacobs Beauty cruelty-free in 2023?

Yes, Marc Jacobs Beauty is a cruelty-free brand as of 2023.

2. Does Marc Jacobs test its products on animals at any stage?

No, Marc Jacobs does not test its products on animals at any stage of the production process.

3. Are all Marc Jacobs beauty products vegan-friendly?

Not all Marc Jacobs beauty products are vegan; some may contain animal-derived ingredients or by-products.

4. Can I buy Marc Jacobs Beauty items if I only use cruelty-free brands?

Yes, since it’s a cruelty-free brand, you can include Marc Jacobs beauty products in your shopping list if you support such companies.

5. Where can I find a list of the vegan-friendly items from this brand?

To get information about vegan items from this line, one should visit the official site of the company to see what they offer.

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