Ogee Lip Oil: The Natural And Fast Way To Sexy Lips

Do you want hydrated and healthy lips that look spectacular all the time? If your answer is “yes,” then you should definitely try Ogee Lip oil!  We all know that the physical appearance is very important. As we want the face and body to radiate freshness and health, we need to give proper attention to lips care too.

The smile speaks volume! Often, there is no need for words, but just a nice smile it’s enough for a perfect first impression. The aspect of our lips is also important when it comes to seduction. Probably this is the reason why more and more women obsess about the perfect pout nowadays! But it doesn’t really matter how big your lips are if they are well taken care of and look amazing!

Ogee Inc. is located in Burlington, United States, but the brand enjoys a continuous rise due to its products of the best quality. Generally speaking, we can purchase their products from any corner of the world. And one of the most popular product is Ogee Lip Oil!

Is Ogee Lip Oil good?

The flawless look we all want can be achieved applying the sensational Ogee lip oil, the nourishing oil melting and merging with your lips. The organic formula covers your lips with an emollient layer of antioxidants and precious oils to give your lips long-lasting protection and nourishment. 

Kourtney Kardashian also includes Ogee’s lip oil in her favorite products’ list, as she believes that “Lip care is as important as skincare mainly because your lips are skin.” And who are we to argue with this beauty queen?

But there are several reasons why Ogee Lip Oil is great for you. Let’s have a look at the ingredients!

Ogee Lip Oil ingredients

Due to its ingredients obtained from natural extracts, Ogee Lip oil reduces the signs of aging at the level of the lips, giving them a fabulous appearance. The stick contains oils, moisturizing butter, and nutrients, all coming in a solid formula ready to revolutionize the cosmetics industry. The miraculous formula nourishes, heals, moisturizes, protects, and gives the lips a more voluminous appearance. Sounds rather impressive, right?

Even though the lip oil is not considered vegan because it contains organic beeswax, it is cruelty-free. This is an important mention for all those who want exclusively cruelty-free products as part of their skincare routine.

Ogee uses ingredients such as beeswax, castor, sunflower, coconut oil, vitamin e, jojoba, and hyaluronic acid to deliver impressive results to women who want to enhance the aspect of their lips in a healthy, eco-friendly way.

The unique formula makes the oils easily penetrate the skin and seems to dance on your lips, giving them moisture and a feeling of freshness. The bright shades are suitable for any skin pigment, and the delightful smell of fresh mint is definitely to everyone’s taste.

Ogee Lip Oil is suitable to wear at any time of the day and any event. Both lip oil and other Ogee products are certified NSF organic for all aspects of products from cultivation to processing and packaging. Another benefit is that this lip oil can be applied without anything else, or it can be worn under the lipstick because it helps to smooth, thus improving the appearance of your lipstick.

Great variety of shades and smoother lips with Ogee Lip Balm

Ogee Lip Balm

Although it has a great diversity of shades, it is mainly used as a nourishing lip gloss, not as a lipstick, so you should not expect it to last long on the lips.

Although the price is a little bit expensive for a lip oil, the balm from Ogee ticks all the boxes and is definitely worth the hype (and the cost!). It makes your lips look like an work of art, giving them a healthy and shiny look.

The smoother and firmer appearance of the lips is due to the incredibly easy absorption that this formula ensures. It has a protective action for the lips against cold, sun, or wind, restoring the softness of dehydrated lips. And who doesn’t want smooth and soft lips when it’s freezing cold or windy outside or in the heat of the summer? With Ogee Lip Balm we can finally say goodbye to flaky lips and hello to sensual, voluptuous lips!

The specially designed formula has a delicate action on the skin; beeswax retains moisture in the layers of the epidermis, having a healing effect.

Show your lips some love with Ogee Lip Oil

Ogee Lip Oil

How much time and effort do you invest in lip care? Well, it would be time to do more and trust that Ogee will restore the neat appearance of the skin of the lips without containing harmful substances.

This product can boast that it does not use any petroleum products, perfumes, or parabens. Even the 100% recycled cardboard box in which the product is delivered has a note of elegance.

It took the experts more than ten years to develop and produce these products that rise to the highest standards. This lip oil has managed in a relatively short time to win the hearts of many women who put emphasis on the beauty of their lips.

Ogee Lip oil has become a favorite for many women from all over the world. In reviews, many describe the product as “wonderful”, this alone makes its acquisition worthwhile! You should also know that the oil comes in 14 radiant colors, different in terms of shade and intensity, but with the same structure and density. The variety of colors allows women to choose the most suitable shade for them. Some shades are more pigmented, others are almost matte, and others may contain glitter particles. So what’s your shade of Ogee Lip Oil?

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