The Best Organic Castor Oils for Hair Growth

Castor oil is widely popular and well-known for its hair regeneration properties. However, few people know that organic castor oil can have many other uses in beauty. Usually, we use castor oil as a natural solution to treat conditions that were not sorted with other treatments. 

Organic castor oil is a good beauty aid to have in your home; you can use it on the skin and hair, on its own, or combined with other ingredients. However, what is important to know about natural treatments in general and castor oil, in particular, is that it’s not an overnight solution. It can take time to achieve good results. 

What is organic castor oil good for? 

Generally speaking, we can use castor oil to improve the condition of the skin and hair. However, let’s have a look together at some specific conditions that can be improved with the help of this organic oil:

1. Skin lesions

Castor oil can accelerate the healing process in case of skin damage. If you have a skin lesion in any area of the body and you want it to heal as soon as possible and without leaving behind significant scarring, you can use castor oil. All you have to pour a few drops of castor oil on a cotton pad and apply it to the lesion.

2. Warts

This organic oil can also help with warts, whether they are on the body or the face. And all you have to do is massage the area affected with castor oil a few times per day for a few minutes.

3. Rough skin

Do you have rough skin on the elbows or on the ankles? Many people complain about this condition as it is more popular than you’d think. However, in many cases, people seem to fail to achieve good results with store-bought treatments. In this case, you can resort to a natural, organic solution. Apply castor oil on the areas with rough skin and massage it for a few minutes. You can also apply a cotton pad dipped in castor oil on the area with rough skin and keep it there for 30 to 60 minutes in the evenings. 

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4. Weak nails

There are few things more annoying than weak nails, especially if you love a good manicure every now and then. Weak nails easily break or exfoliate, and they never really look good. This is the reason why one of the most popular treatments with castor oil is the one used to strengthen the nails. What you can do is warm a few drops of castor oil in a spoon and then apply it to the nails. Massage each nail, and make sure you put on warm gloves for at least 30 minutes after so you don’t wash it off too soon. Repeat the treatment every day until your nails are stronger. 

5. Small eye lashes

Would you like to have long, lustrous lashes? It’s easy with the castor oil treatment. And all you have to do is use a clean mascara brush to apply the oil to your lashes every night before going to bed. The chances are you’ll be surprised with the results if you are consistent with this beauty routine.  

6. Dark circles under the eyes

Dark circles under the eyes can make you look tired, even if you just woke up in the morning. Dark circles can be caused by different factors, such as dehydration, diet, health conditions, and even genetic inheritance. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does castor oil really grow eyebrows? 

Thick eyebrows are a popular beauty trend nowadays. But some time ago, we took pride in thin, arched eyebrows. And due to all the plucking, some of us are left with not much now. If you want to get smooth, thicker eyebrows, you can try a castor oil treatment for at least a few weeks, preferably one to two months.
Your eyebrows will change their aspect – the hair is shinier and even a bit darker. If you try plucking the hair, you will notice the roots are stronger. 
 You can use a small brush or mascara brush to apply the oil to the eyebrows. The tip of your index finger could also get the job done; just make sure not to spill the oil. After you apply the oil, massage gently from the base of the eyebrow to the end. 
Repeat the treatment every evening to enjoy the results as soon as possible and for as long as possible and avoid excessive plucking.

Does castor oil remove dark spots? 

There are many causes behind pigmentation spots and few treatments that really work. This is why it’s important to know that castor oil can really make a difference in term of skin tone if you are struggling with pigmentation spots. All you have to do is apply castor oil and massage the area affected for a few minutes every day.

Does organic castor oil grow hair?

To promote hair growth and to get lustrous, long hair, you can also use castor oil. It’s a simple and efficient treatment that can deliver good results after some time. The hair gets stronger; you will notice less hair loss, and the hair has a special glow that you’ll love! 
To make the most out of the castor oil treatment for your hair, you need to be consistent in using it. In other words, make it a weekly routine or try it every time you wash your hair.
What you need to do is warm up some castor oil. You don’t need more than 10-20 ml, so you can use a very small recipient. After you get the oil warm, you can start applying it to the roots of the hair.
You don’t need to apply to the lengths of the hair, just on the roots.
You can use a brush or a comb to get the hair out of the way and reach the roots. After you apply all the oil, you can start massaging the scalp. Use your fingertips and massage for a few minutes. Then you can cover the hair with a warm towel and wait for another half an hour before getting in the shower and washing your hair. You’ll be surprised with the results even from the first applications.

Final words

Castor oil is an affordable and efficient natural solution for different hair and skin conditions. From rough skin to hair loss or thin eyebrows, castor oil can help you achieve good results. These natural treatments are very popular, and many people report improvement in the skin or hair condition after the treatment. However, to maximize the results, you need to be consistent and use it daily, or at least weekly, when it comes to hair growth.  

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