How to Get Glowing Skin Naturally in 8 Easy Steps

Have you always admired the glowy glass skin of the Korean girls? Well, you are not the only one! There are plenty of us who would like to have that!

Is it easy?! Well one thing is certain it does a lot of self-discipline and consistency!

Wouldn’t it be great to learn their secret!

This is why we created this blog post on how to get a glowing skin tone naturally in just 8 steps.

The glowing skin is an essential part of natural beauty that many people seek to achieve, but very few manage to.

You have to keep off acne, wrinkles that come with aging, sun spots, and a myriad of additional factors, like regular exfoliation to keep it free od dead skin cells, that work against a radiant skin. There’s nothing as demoralizing as dull-looking skin; it can affect your self-esteem.

The glowing, flawless complexion comes naturally to some women and, in some cases, we can blame it on the genetic inheritance. However, after the 20s, all skin types need special and constant care. Healthy skin is elastic, supple, smooth, and… well, glowing, and we all want it!

Fortunately, it is possible to attain a glowing complexion without the use of chemicals. The following essential tips will show you how to get glowing skin naturally in 8 steps although we know that you:

  • Do not have time and might not have the energy to change your lifestyle habits,
  • Do not want to bother to change or start new beauty routines
  • No time for exercise plans

But if you continue reading, we guarantee you that besides the glowing skin you will feel happier, calmer and stress-free.

Eat the Right Foods

Balanced Diet

Eating the right foods is the first step in maintaining a healthy diet and healthy skin, that will benefit your skin and make it glow. Try to eat green and leafy vegetables, fresh fruits, and foods rich in proteins and vitamins, especially vitamin C.

A diet with a high vitamin C content and low in sugar and fats lead to radiant skin. Meanwhile, avoid processed foods and too much meat and sugar as these foods are rich in sodium and animal fat that is unhealthy for your skin.

A low-sugar diet keeps your insulin level down and ensures that your cells maintain a healthy balance. Broccoli, for instance, has a wealth of nutrients and will keep acne at bay.

It might sound like a funny beauty tip, but your complexion is a reflection of what you eat (and drink), so your diet is crucial if you want that glowing face. Choose foods rich in antioxidants, vitamins, especially vitamin C, and minerals to keep elastic and firm skin. Berries and nuts are an excellent choice for a healthy diet, while also making sure you avoid fast food and overly processed products.

Stay Hydrated


Drink lots of water daily…if possible, at least eight glasses in a day. This is very important because it will keep your body hydrated. Allowing yourself to get dehydrated will result in dry skin that cracks, leaving you with a dull skin that is cringe-worthy to look at.

Hydration is not just about the liquid intake that helps sustain the body in optimal condition. Proper hydration will also improve the aspect of the skin care. Water is essential to increase blood flux. The cells get more oxygen and become more elastic when we drink enough water.

Drinking six to eight glasses of water per day can help you have a perfect complexion, and this habit will also sustain your skin firm and youthful-looking skin tone.

Complement the glasses of water you are drinking with fruits and vegetables that are high in water content such as cucumbers, oranges, watermelons, and strawberries. Also, remember to drink rose water; it helps to reduce puffiness around the eyes when you wake up, balances the body pH, and hydrates your skin during the day.

Get Some Beauty Sleep

beauty sleep

Ensure that you sleep no less than eight hours every night to allow your skin enough rest. Failure to do this tires your skin and can cause it to sag. Most people who don’t get enough sleep tend to look older than they are.

Getting enough sleep allows your skin to rejuvenate and regenerate itself so that you wake up with glowing skin tone the next morning.

Some natural face masks to try at home, that do magic while you sleep: 

  • Applying honey on your face once or twice a week further helps to heal your skin naturally.It is highly beneficial for the skin to apply face masks regularly. And there are a lot of products that you have around the house that can make a great face mask.
  • You can try fruits that are rich in water and antioxidants, but also yogurt and even olive oil. A combination of honey and a few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice can make your face look clean and glowing.
  • For a bit of a whitening effect, you can mix two teaspoons of baking soda with water or lemon juice and apply a thick layer on the face. Let it dry for about ten to fifteen minutes and then wash your face.

Sweat It Out

work out

Regular exercise and workout will help you to achieve radiant skin. Activities such as jogging, running, and yoga facilitates blood circulation in the body and expedites the process of cleansing your entire body of dead skin cells.

When you sweat, harmful compounds are released from the body, and your skin pores open up to get a breath of fresh air. That is why you will always notice that your face is glowing after a workout session.

Just like the other muscles in the body, the face muscles need to be toned to stay firm. There are plenty of facial exercises you can try and start a daily routine. There is also yoga for the face that aims to prevent wrinkles and saggy skin.

For starters, you can try exaggeratedly pronouncing vowels or stretching your neck and making gestures as you would like to kiss someone. And if you burst into laughter while doing it, this is ok too; the laugh is a good exercise for the face.

Get Rid of The Makeup

make up

Be sure to remove your makeup before retiring to bed. Your skin needs to breathe and overnight is the best time for it to do this. Leaving your makeup on when you hit the sheets clogs the pores on your skin, and this can lead to blackheads and other blemishes.

Always remember to have a makeup remover next to your bed. Alternatively, dip a cotton pad in olive oil and gently massage your face to remove the makeup and any other dirt.

Wash Your Face at Least Twice a Day

Wash Your Face at Least Twice a Day

If you want a close to perfection complexion, it is essential to wash your face at least twice a day, and even more often in summer or when it is hot outside.

Using specialized water based products or soap is not mandatory when washing your face, it can be as simple as some cold water. The action aims to remove dirt and other particles that can accumulate at the level of the pores and clog them.

You should wash your face with cold water early in the morning before your usual routine and makeup and every night, just before bed. Make sure not to use products that can modify the pH of the skin, especially if you have oily skin.

Exfoliate Once a Week

oatmeal as a natural exfoliator

Exfoliation can be your number 1 ally in achieving a refreshed and rejuvenated aspect of the skin. Exfoliation contributes to the oxygenation of the skin, and this type of treatment aims to remove the dead cells and impurities at the level of the skin.

To achieve and sustain a smooth, glowing, blemish-free skin, try exfoliating once a week. You can use ground coffee for exfoliating purposes for the face, make sure to be gentle when applying it.

Detox Regularly

detox water

When you struggle with imperfections such as acne and blemishes, if your face looks tired and puffy, it’s time for a detox! To detox your body, you can try a few simple methods that you can do at home. For example, drink water with a few drops of lemon juice (vitamin C) every morning. Alkaline water is also recommended for detoxification, as well as green smoothies (kale, broccoli, spinach, cucumber, etc.).


As you can see, there is no need to buy expensive products to have a fabulous looking complexion. We hope that by reading our article on how to get glowing skin naturally, you’ve learned something new and going to start practicing from today. All you have to do is try these beauty tips for face at home and keep a healthy lifestyle, and your face will look great!


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