Is Babo Botanicals Truly Cruelty-Free & Vegan?

Have you ever found yourself knee-deep in internet searches, trying to unravel the truth about your favorite skin and hair care brands’ commitment to animal rights? Trust me, it can feel like navigating a maze.

And when it comes to respected brands like Babo Botanicals – with their strong claims of cruelty-free practices – that quest for clarity gets even tougher. This blog aims to shine some light on Babo Botanicals’ stance on animal testing.

Aided by thorough research and undeniable facts such as their proud Leaping Bunny certification, we’ve got quite the revealing journey ahead! Hang tight folks- there are some unexpected insights coming your way!

Key Takeaways

  • Babo Botanicals is a family – owned brand that prioritizes ethics and values, making it a trusted choice for shoppers who want beauty without harming animals.
  • Babo Botanicals holds a B – Corp certification, demonstrating their commitment to treating the world and people well.
  • They are dedicated to developing safe sunscreens that protect your skin without harming the environment, and they have co-founded the Sun Safety Coalition to raise awareness about sun protection.
  • Babo Botanicals does not conduct animal testing and has obtained the Leaping Bunny certification as proof of their commitment to being a cruelty-free brand.

Babo Botanicals & Their Commitment to a Better World

Babo Botanicals is a family-owned brand that is dedicated to creating products with ethics and values at the forefront. They are proud of their B-Corp certification and have co-founded the Sun Safety Coalition, demonstrating their dedication to promoting safe sunscreen development and advocating for health and safety.

A family-owned brand with a focus on ethics and values

Babo Botanicals is a family-owned brand. They care about doing right by the world and its living beings. Their actions show their strong values. They steer clear of animal testing for all their products or ingredients, no matter where in the world they are sold.

Ethics are at the heart of all they do, making Babo Botanicals a trusted choice for shoppers who want beauty without harm to animals.

Proud B-Corp certification

Babo Botanicals holds a proud B-Corp certification. This means they meet high standards for how they treat the world and people. They care about more than just profit. The brand makes choices that are good for workers, customers, and the earth.

Being a B-Corp shows that Babo Botanicals is part of something bigger. It’s part of a group with over 3,000 businesses from around the world who believe in doing good. This stamp gives you peace of mind when choosing Babo Botanicals’ products.

Sun Safety Coalition co-founding

Babo Botanicals started the Sun Safety Coalition. They care a lot about skin health. The goal of this group is to teach people how to stay safe in the sun. Babo works hard to make sunscreens that are safe and work well.

Their sunscreens don’t hurt our coral reefs. Anybody can use them, even people with soft skin or kids.

Safe sunscreen development

Babo Botanicals is dedicated to developing safe sunscreens that protect your skin without harming the environment. Their sunscreen products are made with natural and organic ingredients, ensuring that they are gentle on sensitive skin.

These sunscreens are also dermatologist-tested, giving you peace of mind knowing that they have undergone rigorous testing for safety and effectiveness. Babo Botanicals’ commitment to creating cleaner and greener alternatives extends to their mineral suncare range, which is both vegan and reef-safe.

By choosing Babo Botanicals’ sunscreens, you can confidently enjoy the outdoors while protecting your skin and supporting a brand that prioritizes your health and the well-being of our planet.

Advocating for health and safety

Babo Botanicals is not just focused on creating safe and effective products, but also on advocating for health and safety. As a family-owned brand, they understand the importance of using natural and organic ingredients that are gentle on sensitive skin.

Dermatologist-tested, their products are free from parabens and other harmful chemicals. Babo Botanicals also co-founded the Sun Safety Coalition to raise awareness about sun protection.

By advocating for health and safety, Babo Botanicals shows their commitment to both their customers’ well-being and the welfare of our planet.

Babo Botanicals: A Cruelty-Free Brand


Babo Botanicals proudly confirms that they do not conduct animal testing and have obtained the Leaping Bunny certification as proof of their commitment to being a cruelty-free brand.

Confirmation of no animal testing by the brand

Babo Botanicals is a cruelty-free brand that is committed to not testing its products or ingredients on animals. They have made it clear that they do not support animal testing, both locally and globally.

This means that you can trust Babo Botanicals to provide you with ethical and compassionate beauty products. By choosing their products, you are supporting a brand that values the well-being of animals and stands against animal cruelty.

Leaping Bunny certification

I’m excited to share that Babo Botanicals has obtained Leaping Bunny certification, which is a significant achievement. This certification assures consumers that the brand is truly cruelty-free and does not engage in any animal testing.

Babo Botanicals goes above and beyond to make sure their products and ingredients are not tested on animals anywhere in the world. Being Leaping Bunny certified means that Babo Botanicals adheres to strict standards for compassion towards animals, making it a trusted choice for ethical shoppers looking for cruelty-free beauty products.

Babo Botanicals & Vegan Products

Babo Botanicals is not 100% vegan, but they are committed to expanding their range of vegan options.

Not 100% vegan, but committed to expanding vegan options

While Babo Botanicals is not 100% vegan, they are dedicated to increasing their range of vegan products. Currently, they offer a wide selection of cruelty-free and vegan options in their hair, skin, and mineral suncare lines.

They understand the importance of providing ethical choices for conscious consumers and are actively working towards expanding their vegan offerings. By supporting Babo Botanicals, you can be confident that you’re choosing a brand committed to animal rights and making strides towards a more compassionate future.

Easy ways to identify vegan products

Identifying vegan products is easy when you shop with Babo Botanicals. Here’s how:

  1. Look for the “vegan” label on the product packaging or description.
  2. Check the ingredient list for any animal – derived ingredients like beeswax, lanolin, or carmine.
  3. Look for certification symbols like the Leaping Bunny logo, which indicates that the product is cruelty-free and vegan.
  4. Visit Babo Botanicals’ website for a list of their vegan products or look for a dedicated section on their online store.
  5. Reach out to Babo Botanicals’ customer service team if you have any questions about specific products.

Responsible Production & Environmental Initiatives

Babo Botanicals takes responsibility for their production process, from greenhouse to household, ensuring that their practices are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

Responsible behavior from greenhouse to household

I want to talk about how Babo Botanicals takes responsibility for their actions from the greenhouse to your home. They prioritize sustainable practices, starting with sourcing natural and organic ingredients that are safe for both you and the environment.

The brand also promotes urban farming and education, encouraging people to grow their own plants at home. In terms of packaging, Babo Botanicals is committed to recycling efforts, minimizing waste as much as possible.

By choosing Babo Botanicals, you can support a brand that values responsible behavior every step of the way.

Promotion of urban farming and education

Babo Botanicals believes in the importance of urban farming and education. They actively promote these initiatives to create awareness about sustainable living and teach people how to grow their own food in urban areas.

By encouraging urban farming, Babo Botanicals aims to inspire individuals and communities to become more self-sufficient while also reducing their carbon footprint. Through educational programs and resources, they provide valuable information on organic gardening techniques, soil health, composting, and water conservation.

Babo Botanicals believes that promoting urban farming and education is not only good for the environment but also promotes healthier lifestyles for everyone involved.

Recycling efforts

Babo Botanicals takes recycling seriously and strives to minimize their environmental impact. They prioritize responsible production from greenhouse to household, promoting sustainability every step of the way.

They actively encourage urban farming and education, supporting initiatives that promote a greener lifestyle. By using recyclable packaging materials and advocating for proper waste management, Babo Botanicals aims to reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a cleaner planet.

It’s refreshing to see a brand not only committed to creating safe and ethical products but also taking steps towards a more sustainable future.


1. Does Babo Botanicals test their products on animals?

No, Babo Botanicals does not test their products on animals.

2. Is Babo Botanicals certified as cruelty-free?

Yes, Babo Botanicals is certified as cruelty-free by Leaping Bunny and PETA.

3. What does it mean for a brand to be cruelty-free?

Being cruelty-free means that the brand and its suppliers do not conduct any animal testing at any stage of production or development.

4. Are all Babo Botanicals products vegan-friendly?

No, not all Babo Botanicals products are vegan-friendly as some contain beeswax or honey. However, they clearly label their vegan products on their website.

5. Can I trust the information provided by Babo Botanicals regarding their animal testing practices?

Yes, you can trust the information provided by Babo Botanicals as they have obtained certifications from reputable organizations and provide transparent information about their animal testing policies on their website.

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