Is Sheglam a Cruelty-Free and Vegan Brand?

Taking the plunge into the vast sphere of cruelty-free beauty can sometimes feel a little like navigating a labyrinth. If your experiences mirror mine, you’ve likely found yourself questioning whether popular brands such as Sheglam genuinely abide by ethical standards – especially those involving animal testing.

In today’s blog post, we’re going to embark on an investigative journey exploring if Sheglam holds up under scrutiny as a cruelty-free and vegan brand – from their Leaping Bunny certification right down to product ingredients.

So folks, are you ready for this intriguing trip through the realm of ethical beauty practices?.

Key Takeaways

  • Sheglam is a cruelty-free brand that does not test their products on animals. They have received the Leaping Bunny Approval from Cruelty-Free International.
  • Some of Sheglam’s products are labeled as vegan, meaning they do not contain any animal – derived ingredients.
  • However, there are concerns about transparency regarding their testing policies and sourcing practices. It would be beneficial for Sheglam to provide more detailed information to address these concerns.

SHEGLAM’s Cruelty-Free and Vegan Status

SHEGLAM has received approval from the Leaping Bunny program, indicating that they are recognized as a cruelty-free brand. Additionally, some of their products are labeled as vegan, further solidifying their commitment to animal-friendly beauty options.

Leaping Bunny approval

Sheglam is a brand that loves animals. In 2022, they got the Leaping Bunny approval. This came from Cruelty-Free International. It shows Sheglam does not test on animals. Being Leaping Bunny approved is big news! It tells us all that Sheglam cares about keeping their beauty products cruelty-free.

Claims of some products being vegan

Some Sheglam products are claimed to be vegan. This means these products do not contain any animal-derived ingredients. The brand ensures that their cosmetics and personal care items meet the highest ethical standards.

Ethical Analysis of SHEGLAM

SHEGLAM’s ethical status raises concerns due to its unclear stance on animal testing and lack of transparency regarding their testing policies.

Unclear status on animal testing

Sheglam’s stance on animal testing is unclear. While they have received the Leaping Bunny Approval from Cruelty-Free International, indicating that their own brand products are cruelty-free, there is no clear information about their animal testing policy.

They claim to be committed to being ethically responsible, but there is no explicit statement regarding whether or not they test their ingredients or finished products on animals. It would be beneficial for Sheglam to provide more transparency and clarity on this matter to reassure customers who prioritize cruelty-free products.

Animal testing policy

Sheglam has a strict policy against animal testing. They are proud to be Leaping Bunny approved, which means they have been thoroughly vetted and do not test their cosmetics or personal care products on animals.

This approval demonstrates their commitment to cruelty-free and ethical beauty practices. Sheglam also states on their website that all of their products are completely cruelty-free.

In addition, they are vegan-friendly, meaning none of their products contain any animal-derived ingredients. Their dedication to being ethically responsible extends beyond animal testing, as they do not use child labor in the production of their items.

Transparency concerns

Though Sheglam has received Leaping Bunny Approval and claims to be a cruelty-free brand, there are some transparency concerns. The brand’s website lacks detailed information about their animal testing policy and the steps they take to ensure that their products are truly cruelty-free.

The absence of specific details raises questions about their commitment to transparency in this regard. It would be beneficial for Sheglam to provide more comprehensive information about their sourcing practices and testing procedures to address these concerns and reassure consumers who value ethical beauty products.


1. Is Sheglam a cruelty-free brand?

No, Sheglam is not a cruelty-free brand as they conduct animal testing on their products.

2. What does it mean for a brand to be cruelty-free?

A cruelty-free brand is one that does not test its products or ingredients on animals at any stage of the production process.

3. Do other brands similar to Sheglam offer cruelty-free alternatives?

Yes, there are many beauty brands that offer cruelty-free alternatives to Sheglam. You can look for brands that display the Leaping Bunny or PETA’s Cruelty-Free logo.

4. How can I find out if a specific product from Sheglam is tested on animals?

To find out if a specific product from Sheglam is tested on animals, you can check their website for information or reach out to their customer service directly.

5. Are there any reliable resources where I can find information about cruelty-free brands?

Yes, websites like Leaping Bunny and Ethical Elephant provide comprehensive lists and information about verified cruelty-free brands in the beauty industry.

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